how to get Colour voter ID card in India online registration process

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Colour voter ID card in India registration process for PVC color voter ID, procedure to apply for all states list of ECI official sites

Colour voter ID card in India

Hello viewers, getting bored with black and white voter card? the government has issued Colour voter ID card in India. We have provided how to register for color voter id from online? so people need not worry about the process to apply colour voter id, we have provide the details briefly in our site. first of all let us have a detailed view on what is voter ID and its importance then we will come to the process how to apply PVC voter ID online?

What is a voter id and what is the importance?

Voter ID card is issued by the Election Commission of India to have an identity in the Indian population census. It is also called as Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC). The main purpose of voter ID is it acts as a identity proof for casting votes and electing our MP, MLA’s. mean while, it acts as a identity proof, address proof, and age proof for casting votes and for other purposes. It is used for purchasing sim card or applying for passport, pan card, etc.  Such as buying a mobile phone SIM or applying for a passport.

The prior version of the voter card is a black & white or color with laminated plain paper. The size is almost that of the bank ATM card. The voter ID contains the photo, date of birth, father’s name, and address of the card holder along with them it contains serial number, hologram sticker and stamped signature of the issuing authority of ECI (election commission of India). But in the old voter card there are more mistakes rendered in details. So the election commission planned to issue the Colour voter ID card in India. We are here to evoke the people regarding the new topics that are reliable for the day to day life.

How to register for color voter id

Apart from the govt issued the PVC (plastic voter Id) EPIC which looks similar to driving license, it also embedded with hologram, color photograph and the details along with constitution name.  to obtain a Colour voter ID card in India follow the steps mentioned below.

As per Latest News…Colour Voter ID will be available for those who are applying newly or who lost Voter ID and take permission from authorities for new voter card.

Links for New EPIC (Color Voter ID) is removed for temporary..We hope it available soon for all states and all candidates.

  • Visit the official site of your respective state (list mentioned beneath the passage)
  • Click on the link for “Register here for new color PVC Voter ID card
  • Enter your respective details along with mobile number
  • Upload the photo graph of specified size
  • Submit the details
  • You will receive SMS to your mobile as verification code
  • Enter the number in the specified box
  • You will receive a identity code for your respective voter card.
  • You will receive updates through SMS
  • The voter card will be arriver to your house through post with in 45 to 60 days


  • There is the facility to apply for the voter cards through MEE seva or Eseva offices.
  • Applying candidate has to pay Rs 30 for the color voter ID

By this you can have a glance to know how to get colour voter id online. Follow the instructions and apply PVC voter ID online.

List for CEO sites for the states and union territories

Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman Diu
NCT of Delhi

All these CEO of the 36 states are headed by electoral commission of India

Election Commission of India

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