And She Sent Plastic Waste To PM Modi! What Happened Next?

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…And She Sent Plastic Waste To PM Modi

A 55 year old lady, Gita from Bihar district sent plastic waste to PM Modi! Well, this must be sounds silly but actually it had happened. She had made something astonishing which was appreciated by his son manoj Kumar and then she was suggested to parcel the same to Narendra Modi.

But you all must be curious to know that what was it? So you will be more surprise to know that it was a basket that was made from the waste material. And Prime Minister is really obliged and approved the gift. In fact, PM salute this innovative idea and stated that this creation will be an amazing step for the preservation of natural resources as well as for the protection of the environment.

He also stated that “it was an amazing gift and I see it a good prospective of small scale industry in that craft. Also added, that this gift is also a valuable toll in his campaign, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

Well, the woman was actually unaware that she will get a response from Modi Ji who is such a man in hurry. But really, this great response and reply form Modi Ji had again in proved his love and dedication towards his country.

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…And She Sent Plastic Waste To PM Modi

She Sent Plastic Waste To PM Modi

No one can deny the fact that the idea to produce useful and such a lovely product from the plastic waste is really appreciating. And Narendra Modi had expressed his spectacular views on the gift received on the social media platforms as well.

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However, gita is basically having a hobby to create such lovely creations   but she hadn’t thought to sale her work. Her husband is just a minor farmer having a small piece of land owned.

Her husband said, “Now we have got such a motivational response and encouragement from such a big personality, Narendra Modi. So, we can think for initiating our business through the help of taking loan.”

So, viewers will be happy to know about the great answer of this news hat she sent plastic waste to Narendra Modi. Stay updated with our web portal for more cool stuffs like this.

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