Calicut University Syllabus 2018 For BA/BCOM/B.Tech/MA/MBA Exam Pdf Download

Calicut University Syllabus

Calicut University Syllabus is available here!!! Candidates, who are going to start their preparation for BA/BCOM/B.Tech/MA/MBA Exams for University of Calicut, have to cover up all the Calicut University Syllabus to get good marks in the examination. Candidates can download the Calicut University Syllabus 2018 in PDF formats from this page. Candidates can go through the below section of this page to get entire Calicut University Syllabus 2018 and can also visit the official website

To start your preparation in better way, you must know the complete Calicut Syllabus. By the help of this syllabus you can achieve higher marks in the upcoming examination. Candidates who wish to attain better marks are advised to prepare according to the Calicut University Syllabus 2018 as given here. To get more information about Calicut University Syllabus 2018, you are advised to scroll down the whole page which is structured by the team of

Calicut University Syllabus

Calicut University offers diverse courses such as Ph.D, M.Phil / Master Degree Courses, Bachelor Degree Courses, PG Diploma / Diploma, Certificate Courses and Cost Based Courses through regular and distance education also. For appearing in the Calicut University exam students need to prepare through the accurate Calicut University Syllabus 2018. On below segment we have provided direct links according to the programmes, so can easily get complete syllabus by hitting the direct links. You can also get Calicut university distance education syllabus from here. Syllabus

Syllabus of B.Com Taxation field

Principles of TaxationModule 1: Principles of Taxation, Ratio, Tax equity
Module2: Classification of taxes, OECD Classification
Module3: Incidence of taxation
Module4: International Double Taxation
Module5: Constitutional Provisions Relating to Taxes
Indirect Taxes Law and PracticeModule 1: Introduction to indirect taxes
Module 2: Central Excise, CENVAT
Module 3: Customs Duty
Module 4: Kerala Value Added Tax And Central sales Tax, Central sales Tax
Module 5: Service Tax
Income Tax AssessmentModule 1: Computation of Taxable Income
Module 2: Assessment of Individuals, Assessment of Hindu Undivided Family
Module 3: Assessment of Firms, Assessment of AOP/BOI
Module 4: Assessment of co-operative societies and Trusts
Module 5: Procedure For Assessment
Corporate Taxation And Tax PlanningModule 1: Assessment of companies
Module 2: Computation of Taxable Income & Tax Liability
Module 3:Introduction to Tax Planning
Module 4: Tax Planning For Specific Management Decisions
Module 5: Tax Planning For Setting up of a New Business

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Calicut University B.TECH syllabus

Calicut University Syllabus for Engineering Mathematics I

Module I

Ordinary Differential Equations (24 hours) Equations of first order – Separable, Homogeneous, Reducible to Homogeneous and Linear, Bernoulli‘s and Exact Equations – Orthogonal trajectories – Linear second order equations – Homogeneous Linear equation of second order with constant coefficients – Non-Homogeneous Linear equation of second order with constant coefficients – Solutions of Linear equations of second order with variable coefficients (Only Cauchy‘s equation) – method of variation of parameters.

Module II

Laplace transforms (18 hours) Gamma and Beta functions – Definitions and simple properties – Laplace transform – Inverse Laplace transform – shifting theorems – Transforms of derivatives – Transforms of integrals – Differentiation of transforms – Integration of transforms – Convolution theorem (No proof) – Transform of Unit step function – Transform of Impulse function – transforms of periodic functions – Solution of ordinary differential equations using Laplace transform.

Module III

Vector Differential Calculus (18 hours) Vector function of a Single Variable – Differentiation of vector functions – Scalar and Vector fields – Gradient of Scalar fields – Divergence and Curl of Vector Fields – their properties – Physical meanings – Relations between the vector differential operators.

Module IV

Vector Integral Calculus (18 hours) Line, Surface and Volume integrals – Line integrals independent of the Path – Green‘s Theorem in the plane – Gauss Divergence Theorem – Stoke‘s Theorem (Proofs of these theorems are excluded)

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Calicut University Syllabus for Engineering Mechanics

Module I

Introduction to engineering mechanics – units – dimensions – vector and scalar quantities – laws of mechanics – elements of vector algebra – important vector quantities – equivalent force systems – translation of a force to a parallel position – resultant of a force system – simplest resultant of special force systems – distributed force systems – equations of equilibrium – free body diagrams – free bodies involving interior sections – general equations of equilibrium – problems of equilibrium – static indeterminacy.

Module II

Friction laws of friction – simple contact friction problems. Introduction to structural mechanics – trusses – analysis of simple trusses – method of sections – method of joints. Properties of simple and composite plane areas and curves – first moment and centroid– theorems of Pappus- Guldinus – second moment of plane and composite areas – parallel and perpendicular axis theorems – polar moment of inertia of area – product of inertia and principal axis

Module III

  • Kinematics of particles – rectilinear motion – curvilinear motion – motion of a projectile – tangential and normal acceleration Kinetics of particles – rectilinear motion – curvilinear motion – Newton‘s second law– D‘Alembert‘s principle – motion on horizontal and inclined surfaces – motion of connected bodies.
  • Work, power and energy –work-energy equation – transformation and conservation of energy – impulse and momentum.

Module IV

Kinematics rigid bodies – rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis – plane motion of a rigid body – instantaneous center Kinetics of rigid bodies – equations of motion of a rigid body rotating about a fixed axis – rotation under the action of a constant moment – D‘Alembert‘s principle – equations of motion for general plane motion – principle of work and energy.

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