CBSE Sample Papers For Class 9 2018 SA1 SA2 Maths Science English Hindi Social Science Papers

CBSE Sample Papers For Class 9

Central Board of Secondary Education has primed comprehensive exam scheme for schools allied with it. Students belonging to CBSE board can download CBSE Sample Papers For Class 9 with the assistance of this page. Candidates, preparing for IX class examination can collect CBSE question papers 2018 with solutions for Maths/Science/English/Hindi/SST etc subjects.

Candidates who are preparing for the CBSE 9th class examination must take help of CBSE sample papers for class IX which are available on this page, well furnished by the team of This page is well equipped with all necessitate details concerning CBSE Sample Papers For Class 9 2018 for SA1 as well SA2, so glance on beneath segment for clutching additional information.

CBSE sample papers for class 9 Science

CBSE sample papers for Class 9 with Solutions

1) Which of the following are matter?

Chair, air, love, smell, hate, almonds, thought, cold, cold drink, smell of perfume.

Answer: Chair, air, almonds and cold drink

2) Give reasons for the following observation:
The smell of hot sizzling food reaches you several metres away, but to get the smell from cold food you have to go close.

Answer: Due to Increase of kinetic energy of solid particles, as the solid temperature increases, diffusion of the solid particles into air also increases because the Solids diffuse at a very slow rate. Hence, the smell of hot sizzling food reaches us even at a distance, however to get the smell from cold food we have to go close.

3) A diver is able to cut through water in a swimming pool. Which property of matter does this observation show?

Answer: The observation shows that the particles of matter have intermolecular spaces. The intermolecular space in liquids is fair enough to let the diver pass through it.

4) What are the characteristics of particles of matter?

Answer: The characteristics of particles of matter are as under;

  • Particles of matter have spaces between them.
  • Particles of matter are continuously moving.
  • Particles of matter attract each other.

5) The mass per unit volume of a substance is called density (density = mass/volume).

Arrange the following in order of increasing density – air, exhaust from chimney, honey, water, chalk, cotton, and iron.

Answer: The Correct Order is air, Exhaust from chimneys, cotton, water, honey, chalk, and iron.

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CBSE Sample Papers For Class 9 For English

CBSE Question Papers With Solutions 

Question 1:
Marie : Pardon, Madam, but I think it was for Mere Gringoire.
Persome : Mere Gringorie indeed. Mere Gringoire. What, the old witch who lives at the top of the hill, and who says she is bedridden because she is too lazy to do any work ? And what did Mere Gringoire want with the money, pray?

  1. What was done for Mere Gringoire?
  2. Why does Persome refer to Mere Gringoire as an old witch?


  • The Bishop had to sell his salt-cellars to pay the house rent of Mere Gringoire.
  • Persome does so as she feels Mere Gringoire is wicked and selfish woman.

Question 2:
You told him she was feeling poorly, did you ? And so my brother is to be kept out of his bed, and go without his supper because you told him she was feeling poorly. There’s gratitude for you !

Who is ‘she’ in the above extract?


‘She’ in the extract is Mere Gringoire.

Question 3:
Bishop : That is why they are left open.
Convict: Well they are shut now!
Bishop (sighs): For the first time in thirty years.

Why were ‘they’ left open?


 ‘They’ are doors and windows which were left open to welcome any person who came in.

Question 4:

Bishop: The knife, oh, well, you see, dear, perhaps he may have thought that 1-1 had sold ours, (laughs gently)
Persome : Brother, I am frightened. He glares at us like a wild beast (aside to him).

What is the tone of the Bishop in the above extract ?


The Bishop’s tone is kind and gentle.

Question 5:

None of that, my friend ! I’m too old a bird to be caught with chaff. You would ask your sister for the keys, would you ? A likely story ! You would rouse the house too. Eh? Ha! A good joke truly. Come, where is the food. I want no keys. I have a wolf inside me tearing at my entrails, tearing me; quick, tell me where the food is,

What does the convict mean when he says I’m too old a bird to be caught with chaff?


The convict wants to say that he is too experienced to be duped in by cheap tricks.

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CBSE Sample Papers for class 9 SST

CBSE sample papers for class 9 sa1 social science 2018 with solutions

1) Which of the following does not lead to the spread of democracy?

  1. Struggle by the people
  2. Invasion by foreign countries
  3. End of colonialism
  4. People’s desire for freedom

Answer: (b) Invasion by foreign countries

2) Which of the following statement is true about today’s world?

  1. Monarchy as a form of government has vanished.
  2. The relationship between different countries has become more democratic than ever before.
  3. In more and more countries rulers are being elected by the people.
  4. There are no more military dictators in the world.

Answer: (c) In more and more countries rulers are being elected by the people.

3) Use one of the following statements to complete the sentence:
Democracy in international organisations requires that …

  1. The rich countries should have a greater say.
  2. Countries should have a say according to their military power.
  3. Countries should be treated with respect in proportion to their population.
  4. All countries in the world should be treated equally.

Answer: (c) All countries in the world should be treated equally.


  1. Name the group of islands lying in the Arabian sea ?
  2. Name the countries whish are larget than India ?
  3. Which island group of India lies to its south-east ?
  4. Which island countries are our southern neighbours?


  1. Lakshadweep islands.
  2. Russia, Canada , USA, China, Brazil and Australia.
  3. Andaman and Nicobar islands.
  4. Srilanka and Maldives

5) What are the controls affecting the climate of India?


There are six major controls of the climate of any place. They are:

  1. Altitude
  2. Pressure and wind system
  3. Distance from the sea (continentality)
  4. Ocean currents
  5. Relieffeatures

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CBSE Question Papers With Solutions For Class 9

For the academic year 2017-2018, a new format ‘uniform system of assessment’ has been prepared by the Central Board of Secondary Education. All students, preparing for class IX exam must grab complete CBSE board exam scheme though the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 9 2018 SA1 SA2. By accessing the online mode, students can download the CBSE sample papers for class 9 as per their requirements.

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Central Board of Secondary Education, a public and private schools board work under the Union Government of India. CBSE also affiliated with all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and a lot more schools, come under the central government of India. the CBSE board also organize  AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test), JEE(Main) and National Eligibility Test (NET).

CBSE Board Marking Scheme For Class IX

CBSE Sample Papers For Class 9

Here on this page we have provided the CBSE sample papers for class 9, hindi, English, maths, social science etc. Students, who are preparing for the class IX, can download the CBSE board sample papers by hitting the link, given on the above portion.

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