CCS University Syllabus 2017 Updated Syllabus of BA/B.Com/B.Sc (UG, PG) Exam Pattern

CCS University Syllabus

Download updated CCS University Syllabus!!! Students should do preparation for their exams with the help of CCS University UG PG Syllabus and Exam Pattern. To get CCS University Syllabus 2017 of BA, B.Com, B.Sc., M.Ed., B.Ed, BBA and B.J.M.C. etc, you should go through this page. Some topics are added and some has been removed from the CCS Exam University Syllabus. To crack exam with the good marks, students are required to go through this page. You may checkout the direct links that are given below to download the Choudhary Charan Singh University Syllabus. We, the team of, are providing essential details about CCS University Syllabus below, so please have a look.

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B.Sc. Bio Technology (Session 2015-17 & Onwards) Get Details
B.Com. III, BBA IV Get Details
B.Com./ M.Com. (Revised Syllabus Effective Form 2014-15) Get Details
English Literature ( B.A. III ) Get Details
Mathematics ( B.Sc./B.A. -III & M.Sc./ M.A. ) Get Details

CCS University BA Syllabus

Sr. No. Topics
Paper-I Home – Management and Housing
1 Objectives
2 Home Management
3 Housing
4 Interior Decoration–Part I
5 Interior Decoration–Part II
Paper- II Extension Education
1 Extension Education
2 Community Approach
3 Communication
4 Community Health
5 Safety Measures
1 Project work on Money – Management
2 Floor Decoration- Alpana and Rangoli.
3 Flower Arrangement-Fresh and Dry arrangements.
4 Make any one Audio Visual Aids —Poster, Chart, Flesh cards, Puppets

CCS University B.Sc Syllabus

Sr. No. Topics
Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria, & Fungi
1 History, nature and classification of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi
2 Viruses
3 Bacteria
4 Fungi
Diversity of Algae, Lichens, and Bryophytes
1 General characters
2 The characteristics and life cycles
3 Bryophytes
4 Gametophyte and saprophytic organization
Diversity of Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and elementary Palaeobotany
1 Pteridophytes
2 Filicopsida
3 Gymnosperms
4 Coniferales

CCS University B.Com Syllabus
Sr. No. Topics
Business Communication
1 Introducing Business Communication
2 Self-Development and Communication
3 Corporate Communication
4 Principles of Effective Communication
5 Writing Skills
6 Report Writing
7 Non-Verbal Aspects of Communicating
Business Statistics
1 Introductory
2 Statically Investigation
3 Diagrammatic And Graphic Presentation
4 Statistical Average
5 Dispersion And Skew Ness
6 Correlation
7 Analysis Of Time Series
8 Index Numbers
9 Indian Statistic
Financial Accounting
1 Meaning and Scope of Accounting
2 Accounting Principles
3 Accounting Transactions
4 Capital and Revenue
5 Final accounts
6 Insolvency accounts
7 Branch Accounts
8 Hire-purchase and installment purchase system
9 Royalties Accounts
10 Partnership Accounts
Business Regulatory
1 Law of Contract (1872)
2 Special Contracts
3 Sale of Goods Act 1930
4 Negotiable Instrument Act 1881
5 The Consumer Protection Act 1986
6 Foreign Exchange Management Act 2000
Business Economics
1 Introduction
2 Elasticity of Demand
3 Production Function
4 Theory of Costs
5 Market Structures
6 Factor Pricing-I
7 Factor Pricing-II
Business Environment
1 Indian Business Environment
2 Economic Trends (overview)
3 Problems of Growth
4 Role of Government
5 The Current Five Year Plan
6 International Environment

CCS University BBA Syllabus
Sr. No. Topics
Business Organization
1 Meaning and definition of business essentials
2 Business Unit, Establishing a new business unit
3 Forms of Business Organization
4 Business Combination
5 Business Finance
Business Mathematics
1 Matrix
2 Inverse of Matrix
3 Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Average, Mathematical Series-Arithmetic, Geometric & Harmonic, Simple Interest & Compound Interest.
4 Set theory
5 Concept of Differentiation and Integration
Principles of Economics
1 Definition, Nature, Scope & Limitation of Economics
2 Meaning of demand
3 Production-Meaning and Analysis Production function
4 Theories of factor pricing, factor pricing v/s product pricing
Book Keeping and Basic Accounting
1 Meaning of book keeping
2 Accounting Equation
3 Rectification of errors preparation of bank reconciliation Statement, Bills of Exchange and promissory notes.
4 Valuation of stocks, accounting treatment of depreciation
5 Issue of shares and debentures
Business Laws
1 Indian Contract Act
2 Contingent contract, Implied, Quasi contract, Indemnity Contract, Guarantee contract, Bailment, Lien, Pledge contract, Agency contract.
3 Sales of Goods Act
4 Indian Partnership Act
5 Definition Features Types Recognition and Endorsement of Negotiable Instruments
Fundamentals of Management
1 Introduction Concepts, Objectives, Nature Scope and significance of management
2 Planning
3 Organizing
4 Directing
5 Controlling
Business Ethics
1 Business Ethics
2 Work life in Indian Philosophy
3 Relationship between Ethics & Corporate Excellence
4 Gandhian Philosophy of Wealth Management-Philosophy of Trusteeship
5 Corporate Social Responsibility

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CCS University B.Ed Syllabus

Core Courses (CC-1)

Contemporary India & Education

  • Education in India
  • Policy Framework of Education in Pre-Independent Period
  • Policy Framework of Education in Post-Independent Period
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Current Issues

Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives of Education

  • Education and Knowledge
  • Education and Philosophy
  • Education and Society
  • Educational Thoughts: Indian & Western Thinkers
  • Education and Values
  • Education for National Integration

Growing up as a Learner

  • Psychology and learner
  • Human Development
  • Learning
  • Mental Health
  • Personality
  • Intelligence and Creativity

Teacher, Teaching and Technology

  • Technology and Teaching
  • Task of Teaching
  • Teaching Aids and Teaching
  • Management of Learning and Teaching
  • Strategies of Teaching
  • Modification of Teacher Behaviour
  • Professional Development of Teachers

Creating an Inclusive School

  • Introduction to Inclusive Education
  • Children with Diverse Needs
  • Inclusive Education and its Practices
  • Inclusive Schools
  • Teachers Role in Inclusive Education

Gender, School and Society

  • Gender Issues: Key Concepts
  • Gender Inequality in the Schools
  • Women in Indian Society
  • Theories on Gender and Education: In Indian Context
  • Gender, Sexuality, Sexual Harassment and Abuse

Knowledge, Language and Curriculum

  • Knowledge
  • Language and Reading Comprehension
  • Developing Writing skills
  • Curriculum and& Development
  • Determinants of Curriculum

Pedagogy Courses (PC)

Teaching Of Languages

  • Pedagogy Of Social Sciences
  • Pedagogy Of English
  • Pedagogy Of Hindi
  • Pedagogy Of Social Sciences
  • Pedagogy Of Physical Sciences
  • Pedagogy Of Mathematics
  • Pedagogy Of Biological Sciences
  • Pedagogy Of Computer Science
  • Pedagogy Of Home Science
  • Pedagogy Of Commerce

Optional Courses any one of the following

  • Educational Administration and Management
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Environment Education
  • Computer Education
  • Health, Physical Education and Yog
  • Life Style Management

Assessment for Learning

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Assessment tools
  • Techniques of Test Conduct
  • Data and Measures of Central tendency
  • Measures of Variability and Correlation
  • Normal Probability Curve

Preparation to Function as a Teacher

  • One week workshop on Lesson-Planning
  • One week workshop on ‘Micro-Teaching’
  • One week Practice-Teaching in Simulated condition
  • Two week Practice-Teaching in Real-Class room situation in a school

School Internship

  • Participating in various ‘out-of-class room’ activities in school.
  • Organizing events eg., cultural activities, debates, games, quiz, essay-competition, drama,
  • Preparation of School calendar, time-table, assessment schedule, evaluation tool etc.
  • Preparing a suggested comprehensive plan of action for some aspect of school

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Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC)

Strengthening Language Proficiency

English Language: (i) Alphabet-Vowel & Constonant sounds (ii) word-synonym & Anatonym (iii) Word Formation (iv) Parts of Speech – Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, etc. (v) Sentence – Punctuation & Analysis (vi) Composition-Letter, Application, Essays, Story, etc

Art and Aesthetics

An artist or artisam may be invited to organize a workshop on Art & Aestretics. The student-teachers may be asked to prepare at least 5-items of different categories-

  • Paper meshing
  • Pot Decoration
  • Wall hanging
  • Paper cutting
  • Flower making
  • Candle Making
  • Stiching
  • Knitting
  • Embroidery
  • Soft toys making
  • Paper framing
  • Weaving or printing of textiles
  • Making of poster
  • Making of Rangoli
  • Making of Puppets etc.

Reading and Reflecting on Texts

Student-teachers are expected to sit in the library regularly and to review at least 10- books of different categories in about 500 words each. These may be as follows –

  • Review of text books related to core courses
  • Review of reference Book related to core courses
  • Review of Text Books related to Pedagogy courses
  • Review of Reference to Book related to Pedagogy courses.
  • Review of Policy Documents, Autobiography, Commission Reports, etc.
  • Review of studies about school, historical books and other educational miscellaneous books.

Understanding of ICT

A workshop on ICT for 10-15 days way be organized or a provision of one period/week may be made daily in the time-table to learn and to practice in computer labs. Student-teachers are expected to learn the following:

  • Use of radio and audio media in script writing, story-talling, etc
  • Use of TV & video in education
  • Use of news paper in education
  • Functional knowledge of operating computers- word processing, power point, excel etc.
  • Effective browsing of the internet for selecting relevant information.
  • Downloading relevant material
  • Competencies in developing software
  • Developing PPT slide show for classroom use
  • Use of available software or CDs with LCD projection for subject learning interactions
  • Generating demonstrations using computer software.

Scouting and Guiding

This can be achieved through organizing a scouting camp of 6-7 days to impart training in-

  • First-aid against fracture, snake bite poision, electric current, et
  • Using safety-measures against fire, chemicals, electrical equipments, etc.
  • Using compass & maps.
  • Using different types of knots
  • Constructing a bridge, etc.
  • Different types of physical exercise etc.

Working with Community

This can be achieved by organizing a number of programme for the welfare of the community, like –

  • To educate the dropouts and adults (Literate India)
  • To educate the people of slum areas to take the nutritious diet. (Quit Mal-nutritious).
  • To make the people learn the importance of small family norm (chota pariwar sukhi
  • pariwar)
  • To make the people learn the importance of the girls-child & its education for the Family
  • and the society (Beti Bachao Beti Padhao)
  • To motivate the people to grow more plants (Green India)
  • To motivate the people to keep the city and the public places clean (Clean India)
  • To motivate the people to save river and ponds (Clean Water)

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Steps to download CCS University Syllabus

Interested candidates are required to visit the official portal of Choudhary Charan Singh University that is Choose ‘Main Website’ and home page will open on your computer screen. Press ‘Syllabus’ tab that is given at the top menu bard and after that select ‘Syllabus’ tab. A new page containing links of all Choudhary Charan Singh University Exam Syllabus will display on your computer screen. Select link of the exam for which you want to attend examination. Now go through the all topics and download your CCS University Syllabus 2017 in the form of PDF. Do preparation for examination with the help of all topics that are given in the syllabus.

Choudhary Charan Singh University conducts Examination time to time for all courses. This time CCS University Syllabus of most of the courses has been updated. If you want to get good marks in examination, it will be better to prepare all topics as mentioned in the syllabus. You may stay in touch with our web portal and we will provide all latest information time to time. If you have any query or you want to search something else, please ask us in comment box. We will give answer to query and also link related to your search right here. You may also bookmark to our web portal for getting information very firstly.

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