Do you know PM Modi’s favourite Movie, Song and Food?

Do you know PM Modi’s favourite Movie, Song and Food?

While the nation will take some time to believe that Prime Minister is actually an asset for the country, but Modi had already proved that in spite of being a hurry man,he has the ability and spirit to deal with all challenges to promote the country’s development. Narendra Modi is such a big personality, that even words cannot describe his goodness. So it’s naturally that you all might be searching about him, his habits, life style, food likings, etc. But Do You Know PM Modi Favorite Movie, Song And Food? Well,here will be going to end the curiosity of the people by disclosing his likings for food, movies and songs.

Do you know PM Modi's favourite Movie, Song and Food?

In fact, majority of us must be familiar with the fact that Narendra Modi is vegetarian lover and highly prefer to eat Gujarati food. Yes you heard it right; this great man doesn’t have any kindof special food likings. In fact,Modi is the one of the firstIndian PM who had done his lunch in staff canteen where he had consumed simple food including salad, chapatti and dal.

Additionally, Modi ji doesn’t have any kind of special liking towards movies and songs. It’s just that this prominent leader doesn’t have so much time to watch any movie for relaxation. Moreover, in interviewalso, Modi had stated,“I am generally not inclined towards movies. But I used to watch them in my youth, out of that curiosity which only youth brings. Even then, it was never my temperament to watch movies just for entertainment”.

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PM Modi’s favorite Movie, Song and Food

Modi’s Favorite Movie
Do you know PM Modi's favourite Movie, Song and Food? In reality, Modi personally doesn’t have any favorite movie and he does not have any kind of curiosity to watch movie due to his busy schedule. But in an interview Modi ji stated that he had watch movie “Guide” at his young age with few teachers and friends. And after watching that, he had done strong debate on the moral of the story.

Modi ji said, “My view was that movie idea was actually about individual’s guidance by his/ her won soul”. However, that movie was actually based on a novel written by R.K Narayan. Actually, that filmhad made some other purposeful impress on Modi ji, he had made the decision to support farmers by contributing a significant portion of his possession whenever he got this opportunity in life.

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Modi’s Favorite Food

Do you know PM Modi's favourite Movie, Song and Food?

Well, it is a generally asked question that what is the favorite beverage or food which is highly prefer to eat by our prime minster, Narendra Modi. However, in an interview also, he had stated that “those who work in public life have very irregular lives. So if an individual wants to remain active in working life must need to have a touch stomach”. It’s been more than 35 years, Narendra Modi is working in so many organizational welfares and protect that he has to travel all around the globe.

And the most interesting and appreciating thing is that he had never demanded any kindof special food demand from anyone. When it comes to favorite food, Modi ji like to eat “khichdi” a lot,But on outing, he eats whatever is there to consume. Addition to this, Narendra Modi likes to prefer Gujarati Snack and Dishes very more. People must be thinking that Modi is the PM so he must be having some special food demands or like to eat costly food. So, if you are thinking this that we must tell you that you are wrong as he just like to prefer hygienic and simple food.

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Modi’s Favorite Song

If you are wondering that whether Prime Minister is having any favorite song? Then, here will tell you that this mind-blowing personality is big fan of singing queen,Lata Mangeshkar. And Modi ji like her song “ओ पवन वेग से उड़ने वाले घोड़े……” from movie “जय चित्तोड़” which was released in 1961. Apart from this, the lovely music composition and lyrics of bharat vyyas “तेरे कंधों पे आज भार है मेवाड़ का, करना पड़ेगा तुझे सामना पहाड़ का….हल्दीघाटी नहीं है काम कोई खिलवाड़ का, देना जवाब वहाँ शेरों के दहाड़ का ……” have been his favorite since long.

So, that’s all about PM Modi’s favorite Movie, Song and Food?. Stay tuned with our web portal i.e. for interesting and cool facts like this.

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