How To Crack CMAT 2018 Exam In One Month Without Coaching, Best Preparation Tips

How To Crack CMAT 2018

It is the most common question that How To Crack CMAT which comes in the mind of candidates who are preparing for Common Management Admission Test (CMAT). Even though, there is no shortcut or definite mantra to crack CMAT 2018 exam. There are some CMAT Preparation Tips and strategies for the students preparing for CMAT 2018. Applicants are advised to start their preparation for CMAT Entrance Exam timely. But if you want to crack this toughest entrance exam with CMAT One Month Exam Preparation then you can follow the CMAT Exam Preparation Tips. With the help of CMAT Best Preparation can crack the exam without any coaching.

How To Crack CMAT

Common Management Admission Test is mainly conducts for the students who want to admission in MBA Programme. CMAT is a computer based test which is conducted in many cities across India. Every year, a large number of candidates appear for CMAT Exam. Only those aspirants can take admission in top MBA Colleges in India who score good marks. So, applicants who want to take admission in best MBA Colleges and want to get the answers of question that How To Crack CMAT 2018 can go through this web page which is well created by the team of

CMAT Exam Preparation Tips

In Common Management Admission Test, the questions will be asked from the subjects namely Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability/ Language comprehension, Numerical ability + Data Interpretation and General Awareness. Thus, for the ease of aspirants here we are providing the section wise CMAT Preparation Tips according to subjects. Candidates are notified that they to qualify in each section of exam. So, check the mentioned below tips.

CMAT Exam Strategy for Logical Reasoning

This section is mainly to test the general skills of aspirants. In this section, the questions will be asked from conceptual and factual. So, candidates need to understand the concepts. With the good practice, candidates can score good marks in this section. For this, applicants can follow the mentioned below tips.

  • Candidates are advised to practice Mental Alertness and Logical Skill test, it will help you to enhance your reasoning skills.
  • In order to know the paper structure, aspirants are advised to practice CMAT Previous Year Question paper.
  • Must do time management for solving the questions.
  • You can give online tests, to analyze your current level of preparation.

CMAT Exam Tips for Numerical Ability  

With the purpose to test the numerical ability of aspirant, the numerical questions will be asked in this exam. Candidates are required to learn the formulas. You need to understand the basic concepts of topics. To improve this section you may follow the How To Crack CMAT tips as mentioned below:

  • This whole section includes various topics like Decimals, Whole Numbers, Fractions and other.
  • Candidates need to try to clear to the concepts.
  • Try to learn formulas as much as you can.
  • As, the exam is objective type then you can solve questions with short tricks.
  • Practice topic wise quant questions.

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CMAT Tips for English Comprehension

Many applicants think that the English section is the most typical part of CMAT Exam. Sometimes mostly aspirants fail just because of English. Thus, applying candidates need to prepare well for this section to qualify the exam easily. Applicants are required to understand the grammar portion. If you want to score good marks in English section then you can follow the tips as stated below:

  • Try to improve your English Grammar portion.
  • While answering questions, you can use elimination method or test the suitability of words
  • Read novels and magazines.
  • Listen English news for improving your skills.
  • Try to learn at least 4 to 5 new words daily.

CMAT Preparation Tips for General Awareness

To test the general knowledge of applying candidates, the CMAT Exam has the General Awareness section. It is the easiest section thus aspirants can score good marks in General Awareness section. If you think that your GK is not so strong then you can enhance your knowledge by following the mentioned below tips:

  • Aspirants need to prepare short notes of current topics, it will help you to revise in last minute.
  • Must listen news everyday and also read news papers.
  • Read educational magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Solve atleast 4 to 5, CMAT Questions Papers daily.

AICTE CMAT Exam Strategies

#1: Do Time Management

To crack any competitive exam, time management is the most important factor.  Candidates have limited time to solve the question paper thus to complete their paper  you must have to know that how to distribute your time. If you want to crack any exam then you have to do time management according to sections. Don’t spend too much time on a single question. You can solve the marked questions after completion of all questions.

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#2: Speed and Accuracy

After time management, second and important factor is to maintain the speed and accuracy while solving the question paper. CMAT Previous Papers are the best way to increase the speed and accuracy. Applicants are required to solve atleast 4 to 5 papers daily. Find out the important topics and note down it. Try to solve questions with short trick. Must remember there is negative marking for each wrong answers thus you need to improve your accuracy. Contenders can download the CMAT Exam Previous Year Questions Paper PDF free via online mode.

#3: Practice Mock Tests

Mock Tests are the best way to be familiar with the exam. In order to increase their knowledge and skills candidates are advised to free CMAT Mock Test via online mode. If you are confident about your preparation, Mock tests give you a chance to measure your performance against other potential candidates. Through mock test, applicants can examine their weakest points and try to improve it. For CMAT Free Mock Test, you can go through the official web portal.

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 #4: Plan Your Exam Strategy

Some aspirants like to read the whole questions paper and then start solving it whereas some like to start solving a paper from the first question. Thus, candidates are advised to make their strategy to solve the question paper according to your easiness. You need to start solving the questions as per the strengths then go for other sections.

#5: Make Easy Notes

Mark the most relevant topics and prepare hand written short notes. These notes help you to revise complete syllabus within short time period. Written down only important details and highlight it. Candidates are required to save your time for revision all topics before the exam.

One Month Study Plan for CMAT 2018 Exam

Candidates who had applied for Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) and want to qualify the entrance exam with One Month Exam Preparation without coaching can follow the study plan as stated below. If you will prepare the topics as per the day as given below then you can surely qualify the exam with good score. This CMAT One Month Study Plan is also helpful for working professionals. They can prepare for the exam on Daily And Weekly Preparation basis. So, for your ease here we are providing subject wise and day wise table. Contenders can follow the chart and complete their course within one month easily.

Days/SubjectsQuantitative AptitudeLanguage ComprehensionLogical ReasoningGeneral Awareness
Day 1Algebra 2-3 hoursReading comprehension 2 hoursAnalytical reasoning 3 hoursCurrent Affairs by reading newspapers for 1- 2 hours including notes/ indian constitution
Day 2Algebra 2-3 hoursSentence correction 1-2 hoursBlood relationship 2 hours/ statement assumption 1 hourPersonality in news 2 hours/ current news
Day 3Data interpretation/pie chart 5 hoursPara jumbled 1 hour/paragraph completion 1 hourVisual reasoning 2 hours/ inferences 1 hoursport news/ culture 3 hours
Day 4Pipes and cistern 3 hoursReading comprehension 2 hoursAnalytical reasoning 3 hoursHistory 2-3 hours
Day 5Pipes and cistern 3 hoursIdioms and phrases 1 hour & 30 minutesAnalog test 2 hoursGeography 2- 3 hours
Day 6Algebra 2-3 hoursParagraph completion 2 hoursCauses and effects 2 hours/ blood relationship 2 hoursGeography 2-3 hours
Day 7Work and time / boats / streams 4 hoursAntonyms 1 hour / Synonyms 1 hourLinear arrangements / visual reasoning 3 hoursHistory 2 hours/ current news 1 hour
Day 8Linear / quadratic equation 3 hoursReading comprehension 2 hoursRanking test/ causes and effects 4 hoursPolitics 1 hour / sports news 1 hour
Day 9Percentage / Profit / loss 5 hoursIdioms and phrases 1 hourAnalog test 1 hour/ matrix arrangement 2 hoursEconomics 2 hour
Day 10ratio/ percentage 2 hours Speed and time 2 hoursEnglish usage errors 2 hoursAnalytical reasoning 1 hour / blood relationship 2 hourPolitics 2 hours / Indian constitution 2 hours
Day 11Mensuration / permutation and combination 3 hoursSynonyms 1 hour / para jumbled 30 minutesSymbol based problems 3 hoursHistory 4 hours
Day 12Mensuration / permutation and combination

4 hours

Vocabulary enhancing 1 hour / reading newspaper 1 hourSequencing / coding / decoding 3 hoursgeography / science 2 hours
Day 13Time and distance 4 hoursSpotting errors 2 hoursNumber series 2 hoursLiterature 3 hours
Day 14Data interpretation / pie chart 5 hoursReading comprehension 2 hoursRanking test 2 hoursLiterature 3 hours
Day 15Simple interest and compound interests 2 hoursEnglish grammar 3 hoursinferences / statement assumptions 4sport news 1 hour
Day 16Simple interest and compound interests 3 hoursSynonyms 1 hour / para jumbled 1 hourAnalytical reasoning 4 hoursHistory 2-3 hours
Day 17Number system fractions / decimals 1 hourOne word substitution 2 hoursNumber series / coding / decoding 5 hoursEconomics 2 hour
Day 18Number system fractions / decimals 2 hoursSentence improvement 2 hoursNon verbal test / number series 3 hoursPersonality in news 2 hours / current news
Day 19speed / boats / streams 4 hoursEnglish usage errors 2 hoursSymbol based problems 3 hoursLiterature 3 hours
Day 20speed / boats / streams 4 hoursSentence improvement 2 hoursAnalog test 2 hoursLiterature 3 hours
Day 21Linear equation 3 hoursSynonym 30 minutes / Antonyms 30 minutesRanking test 2 hoursPersonality in news 2 hours / current news
Day 22Percentage / Profit / loss 5 hoursVocabulary 30 minutes / error spotting 1 hourVisual reasoning 2 hours / inferences 1Indian constitution 3 hours
Day 23Calendar 3 hoursIdioms and phrases 1 hourAnalytical reasoning 2 hoursIndian Culture 2 hours
Day 24Averages 2 hours / percentage 2 hoursEnglish usage errors 2 hoursCauses and effects 2 hoursPolitics 2 hours
Day 25Probability 2 hoursVocabulary enhancing 1 hourSequencing 3 hoursCurrent affairs 2 hours
Day 26Probability /Time and Work 3 hoursIdioms and phrases 1 hourdirection / distance test 2 hoursScience 3 hours
Day 27Pie chart / data interpretationReading comprehension 2 hoursdirection / distance test 2 hoursLiterature 1 hour
Day 28Calendar / boats / streams 4 hoursSentence improvement 2 hoursSequencing / coding / decoding 3 hoursTrade news 2 hours
Day 29Probability 2 hoursEnglish grammar 3 hoursRanking test 2 hoursEconomy 2 hours
Day 30Self-Assigned Test (3 HOURS only)

For the ease of appliers, here we have provided the details about How To Crack CMAT. We hope that is will help you to crack the exam easily. For obtaining upcoming details related to How To Crack CMAT 2018 you can bookmark this web portal by pressing ctrl+d.

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