Imagine! India without Narendra Modi

Imagine! India without Narendra Modi

Nearly, three years have been passed since the narendra modi and his tremendous visions have come in power. Have you ever Imagine! India without Narendra Modi, we cannot even think of the situation of the country without him. Modi is doing all great deed and initiatives for the economic development of the country. There are multiple initiatives undertaken by the regime so as to improve the country economic condition and to effectively deal with the structural issues.

In fact, he is just a unique kind of prime minister who is not only been recognized for his effective leadership qualities but also great initiatives. Since years Indian had witnessed multiple changes in their economic growth, situation, and digitization and in many more things. Undoubtedly, this man had made it possible to accomplish utmost supremacy with least government.

 When it comes to his ministry and excellent initiatives, Narendra Modi had been seen at every step for the economic progress. During this 30 years journey, for the first time, it had been realized that bhartiya janta party is prepared to come in power and also giving a strong clue that Narendra Modi is ready for some more plans and strategies for the growth and higher standard of living.

Imagine! India without Narendra Modi

In fact, Narendra Modi had effectively implemented such great and big initiatives’ in order to promotes societal growth, progress, promote Digitalization and to have tight control on the corrupt and illegal practices from the country. Here is the nice view of the modi contributions and efforts during its possession so far.

India-Pak Relations

The major initiative was to develop a strong and healthy relation between Indian and Pakistan which had been done by the Narendra Modi. It is truly said that good relations among the countries will definitely promote good business as well as bring economic benefits including smooth money flow in the nation.

Economy Development

After the NDA, India had taken a nice and much transformed shape. Although, the economy was always recognized for its prominent and strong position but now a great reduction had been seen in the growth rate. FY 2015-16, growth rate was 7.6 % which got pulled down to 7.2 % in 2014-15 financial year. However, the prime minister has assured to have strong restraint on the inflation rate as well as on fiscal reinforcement.

Resource Allocation

Optimum utilization of natural resource and to prevent scarcity of resources is the main success achieved by the government. Earlier, some of the resources like coal, infrastructure etc were ongoing under the unchecked corruption. Now, proper and appropriate control measures have been implemented to have a quality check at the resources.

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Well, it’s true that common individual is not at satisfied with the price hike in the railways tickets. But the prime minister had pen multiple beneficial ways for the people by opening new sector to FDI so as to satisfy the people. He had also implemented the service of Wi-Fi at railways stations and of course to pleased the youngsters.

LPG Subsidy Reforms

For the economic progress and to promote equality in the nation, modi ji had initiated “Give It Up” operation to offers LPG subsidy reforms to the civilians who are having the net income as 10 lakh rupees per annum. The preserved amount will be utilize for providing new gas connections of around five lakhs to the people who are still utilizing stoves or woods for cooking.

Eradicate Black Money

Recently, modi had taken an effective measure to ban all the old 500 Rs and 1000 Rs notes so as to eradicate black money from the country. And yes, lots of improvement had been seen from this step. Arun Jaitley, the finance minister said “the immensity of the black money is within the country, but only few have been made to comprise the parallel country feeders like real estates, mining field and education.

GST Bill/Land Ordinance

GST was major and marvelous contribution by Narendra Modi. Well, there are various developed nations who follow the good and service tax bills. Now India would too go to attain its maximum advantages, moreover, it mainly helps the farmers to sell the good at lowest costs range. This is the greatest bill that has been implementing by the government. Although, the administration was getting failure since two years for passing GST bill, but now it could have been possible due to PM.

Make In India

Another great initiative taken by the Indian prime minister, Mr. Modi ji is to implement make in India by transforming the economy to a manufacturing hub. The administration is greatly contributing towards the foreign speculation norms, overhauling of labor laws, minimizing of red tape from the economy.

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Bullet Train

India without Narendra Modi

Have you ever imagined covering your journey from Ahmadabad to Mumbai in short time period? If not then you can absolutely imagine now because this is what going to be execute if the deal with the Japan will get fixed. In addition to this, china had also generated interest for the development of bullet trains among china-Delhi passageway. But one single bullet train requires around 99, 000 crore which pop the question for the project feasibility.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan has factually swept the economy like a neat clean India including all the public places, offices, schools, colleges etc. due to the introduction of this abhiyan. Now all these places have been clean on periodical basis. This is the most brilliant initiative that have been taken by the Modi Ji for clean and swatch bharat.

Jan Dhan Yojana

One of the most appreciated schemes introduced by Narendra Modi was Jan Dhan Yojana who had contributed a lot, and this endeavor cannot be undertaken by any other individual rather than him. Through this yojana, any individual can open his bank account conveniently. Moreover, after short span of time only, this scheme had also listed in the guiness world book records. Civilians had attained so many benefits from this scheme like they can have multiple accounts in the bank. Although, “The Prime objective is to enhance the direct transfer of subsidies”.

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 Foreign Investments

Recently, the prime minister had visited Japan for the foreign investment and had brought around 35 billion $ in India for more than five year time period. Due to his great collaboration with foreign countries, Japan had also promised to equally contribute towards India in the bullets train projects. Moreover, the make in India scheme introduced by the modi also achieved an impulse with the Japanese producers to make investment in India.

However, modi sovereignty has received a mixed response from the people from all parts of the country. But the initiatives that have been implemented by this great personality are definitely deserve appreciation and praise from all of us.

So, one cannot imagine India without Narendra Modi because he is the role model for many who has contributed a lot for the economic development. Stay tuned with our web portal for more interesting information like this.

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