Journey from Lawyer to President of India- Ram Nath Kovind Untold Story

Journey from Lawyer to President of India

India has got its new president, Ram Nath Kovind on 20 July 2017. Well,Ram Nath success story could not have been possible without the inspiration driven from his father. Just like Prime MinisterModiJi had attained such anhonorable position and managed to achieve a special place in the hearts of civilians. As it said every successful man has some inspirational motivatorsand an untold story. So we are here to make you familiar with some unknown facts of Journey from lawyer to President of India of Ram Nath Kovind.

Journey from Lawyer to President of India

The pledge taking ritual has been all prepared for newly elected president of India-Ram Nath Kovind. Well, Ram Nath Kovind’s journey from lawyer to being the president of India was not an easy task,lot of hurdles and struggles have been faced by this immense personality to achieve this prestigious position. Ram Nath was born in 1945 in a dalit family in Kanpurcity, Uttar Pradesh.

His father was hardworking farmer in a majestic India and his family came to know that his father efforts and labor were the most important means for the survival of family. Some years later, India had attained the independence during growing stages of Kovind.

However, under the sovereignty of Nehru Ji, education has been considered a significant aspect for the children and Ram Nath was highly optimistic to maintain his won standard on his feet. Well, we have discussed some of the facts and untold story of Ram Nath Kovind that you had hardly aware of.

Journey from Lawyer

Let’s talk about Kovind journey from lawyer, in 1971 Ram Nath had been able to adapt and understand his role much effectively for being enlisted in bar council as an advocate. Thereafter from 1997-1979, he had being as an outstanding activist of central government at New Delhi high court.

Journey from Lawyer to President of India

Being as a lawyer, Kovind aims to provide justice to the people from being from the injustice or illegal activities done to them. This dalit man had also made his social contributions by providing legal aid facility at no cost to the below poverty line civilians especially females and children’s. All this activities and contributions have been done under the free legal aid society prerequisites in New Delhi.

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Arrival In Politics

Ram Nath Kovind had made his official beginning in the politics in 1991 by being a member of bhartiya janta party. Although, he is having his steps at the supreme as well as high court still he had managed to step inpolitics greatly. Dueto Kovind brilliant social contributions and tasks as well as being as a good advocate, Ram Nath was nominated to be the Uttar Pradesh Rajya Sabha member in 1994.

Journey from Lawyer to President of India

 In the same year only, he was also designated as housing committeechairman of Rajya Sabha.Because of his immensehandwork and efforts, lots of applause and appreciationhadbeen gained by him. Then all his input leads him to be elected as the Bihar government in 2015.

Social Contributions

For the economic development and growth, Ram Nath appreciative efforts and social involvement had effectively resulted in the true growth and enhancement of country. Moreover, his favorable attitude towards the right to have education as well as his politics power, had relay leaded economy grown in true sense in educational sector.

Journey from Lawyer to President of India

 In addition to this, he had also worked under the scheme of M.P. L.AD throughwhich he had asked to construct new schoolbuilding of children of backwards class society. When Kovind was elected a Bihar governor, then he had undertaken the assistance of official commission to have a look on the illegal, corrupt practices that are void and considered as voidable under the law.

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Presidential War and Triumph

From being as lawyer to president, Ram Nath had made it possible to end the curiosity of the civilians for being elected as the president of India 2017. Undoubtedly, this journey is not at all easy for the Kovind for being positioned on such a reputed profile.

The president elections were held on 17 July 2017 and two well known personalities Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar were standing for the profile. Luckily Ram Nath had won the elections with over 65 % votes from opponent meira Kumar.

Journey from Lawyer to President of India

However, he is the second dalit individual after the former leader K.R Naryan to become Indian president. Additionally, his competitors had also congratulated him in spite of having clash among them. Well, the Indian civilians were strongly expecting that he would won the contest this time and Kovind had stand upto the expectations of the supporters.

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The result of presidential election 2017 had created a sensation on the social media network and other platforms. And we hope he will definitely going to achieve his goals as wellas contribute more towards the country development.

We hope that viewers will like the information provided for journey from Lawyer to President of India- Ram Nath Kovind the untold story. Stay tuned with our web portal for more interesting news and facts like this.

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