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KVPY Mock Test

To get familiar KVPY computer based test (CBT), applicants can practice KVPY Mock Test. For the ease of aspirants, IISc, Bangalore provide free KVPY Online Mock Test on the official website that is kvpy.iisc.ernet.in. Aspirants are informed that Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Aptitude Test is available in both English and Hindi Language. Candidates who wish to get the fellowship and going to appear in KVPY Exam are advised to practice KVPY Mock Test for Exam Preparation. To get KVPY Exam Aptitude Test via online mode, candidates are required to sing in with the loing ID and password as stated below.

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a scholarship program. In this concern, KVPY Exam is going to be held on scheduled date. Candidates who had applied for this exam are informed that the mock test of KVPY 2017 is divided into two parts and it will have questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. All the four subjects in both part A and part B contains 5 question each. Aspirants have to attempt a total number of 40 multiple choice questions in the mock test within 3 hours. Aspirants are advised to read all instructions about kvpy.iisc.ernet.in Mock Test as stated below. For obtaining all additional details about KVPY Mock Test 2017, you can scroll this web page which is well created by the team of indguru.com

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Mock Test

With the purpose to encourage the students, the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India founded Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY). It is a a scholarship program. Through this scheme, candidates can contribute in the research careers in the areas of basic sciences, engineering and medicine. It offers scholarship and contingency grants up to the pre-Ph.D. level to selected students. Merit list is based on 75% weightage for Aptitude Test marks and 25% weightage for the Interview marks in the streams SA, SB and SX. Class 11th Students can appear in SA Exam and class 12th students can appear in SX Exam. Here we are providing the table with all details for the ease of appliers. Have a look!!

S.No.Test NameQuestionsTime (Minutes)No. of Times AttemptedAverage Score(%)
1KVPY SA Stream Mock Test 146180472268
2KVPY SA Stream Mock Test22646486552
3KVPY SA Stream Mock Test32045493177
4KVPY SB/SX Stream Mock Test 133180489965
5KVPY SB/SX Stream Mock Test23358369869
6KVPY SB/SX Stream Mock Test312045518258

KVPY Questions with Answers

For Mathematics

Question1: if n is the smallest natural number such that


is a perfect square,then the number of digits in n2 is


[A] 1

[B] 2

[C] 3

[D] more than 3

Answer: [C]

Question2: The largest non-negative integer k such that 24k divides 13! is.

[A] 2

[B] 3

[C] 4

[D] 5

Answer: [B]

Question3: In a triangle ABC, points X and Y are on AB and AC, respectively, such that XY is parallel to BC, Which of the two following always hold? (Here [PQR] denotes the area of triangle PQR.)

(I) [BCX] = [BCY].

(II) [ACX]. [ABY] = [AXY].[ABC]

[A] Neither (I) nor (II)

[B] (I) only

[C] (II) only

[D] both (I) and (II)

Answer: [D]

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Question4: Let P be an interior point of a triangle ABC. Let Q and R be the reflections of P in AB and AC, respectively. IF Q, A,R are collinear then AÐ equals.

[A] 30º

[B] 60º

[C] 90º

[D] 120º

Answer: [C]

Question5: The least positive integer n for which 12 1 1 3 3 < n – +n  is

[A] 6

[B] 7

[C] 8

[D] 9

Answer: [C]

For Physics

Question6: If the axis of rotation of the earth were extended into space then it would pass close to

[A] the moon

[B] the sun

[C] the pole star

[D] the centre of mass of all the planets in the solar system.

Answer: [C]

Question7: Methane is a greenhouse gas because

[A] it absorbs longer wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum while transmitting shorter wavelengths

[B] it absorbs shorter wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum while transmitting longer wavelengths

[C] it absorbs all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

[D] it transmits all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Answer: [A]

Question8: A ball is launched from the top of Mt. Everest which is at elevation of 9000 m. The ball moves in circular orbit around earth. Acceleration due to gravity near the earth’s surface is g. The magnitude of the ball’s acceleration while in orbit is

[A] close to g/2

[B] zero

[C] much greater than g.

[D] nearly equal to g.

Answer: [D]

Question9: The international space station is maintained in a nearly circular orbit with a mean altitude of 330 km and a maximum of 410 km. An astronaut is floating in the space station’s cabin. The acceleration of astronaut as measured from the earth is.

[A] zero

[B] nearly zero and directed towards the earth

[C] nearly g and directed along the line of travel of the station

[D] nearly g and directed towards the earth.

Answer: [D]

Question10: The beta particles of a radioactive metal originate from.

[A] the free electrons in the metal

[B] the orbiting electrons of the metal atoms

[C] the photons released from the nucleus.

[D] the nucleus of the metal atoms.

Answer: [D]

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For Chemistry

Question11: Mendeleev’s periodic law states that the properties of el ements are a periodic function of their

[A] reactivity of elements

[B] atomic size

[C] atomic mass

[D] electronic configuration

Answer: [C]

Question12: Maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in the subshell with mazimuthal quantum number l = 4, is

[A] 10

[B] 8

[C] 16

[D] 18

Answer: [D]

Question13: The gas released when baking soda is mixed with vinegar, is

[A] CO

[B] CO2

[C] CH4

[D] O2

Answer: [D]

Question14: The functional group present in a molecule having the formula C12O9 is

[A] carboxylic acid

[B] anhydride

[C] aldehyde

[D] alcohol

Answer: [B]

Question15: Among Mg, Cu, Fe, Zn, the metal that does not produce hydrogen gas in reaction with hydrochloric acid is.

[A] Cu

[B] Zn

[C] Mg

[D] Fe

Answer: [A]

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For Biology

Question16: Excess salt inhibits growth in pickles by

[A] endosmosis

[B] exosmosis

[C] oxidation

[D] denaturation

Answer: [B]

Question17: Enzyme X extracted from the digestive system hydrolyses peptide bonds. Which of the following are probable candidate to be enzyme X?

[A] Amylase

[B] Lipase

[C] Trypsin

[D] Maltase

Answer: [C]

Question18: Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid. How many molecules of pyruvic acid are formed from one molecule of glucose?

[A] 1

[B] 2

[C] 3

[D] 4

Answer: [B]

Question19: Which one of the following cell types is a part of innate immunity?

[A] Skin epithelial cells

[B] B cells

[C] T lymphocytes

[D] Liver cells

Answer: [A]

Question20: In Which one of the following phyla is the body segmented?

[A] Porifera

[B] Platyhelminthes

[C] Annelida

[D] Echinodermata

Answer: [C]

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Guidelines for KVPY Free Online Aptitude Test

Candidates who want to get KVPY Free Mock Test under stream SA, SB, SX via online mode can follow the mentioned below instructions.

Step1: In the first step to get KVPY Online Aptitude Test, aspirants are required to log on the official website that is kvpy.iisc.ernet.in

Step2: After reaching on home page, candidates have to select “Application” tab presented at the menu bar.

Step3: Then a new page will be opened at your device’s screen. Candidates need to scroll it and follow “Mock Computer Based Test of KVPY Aptitude Test” link.

Step4: Now press on “Hit here” option for KVPY Free Online Test.

Step5: New page will be displayed at your device’s screen, candidates need to enter:

  • Login ID- KVPY
  • Password- KVPY

KVPY Mock Test

Step6: Then tick the “I confirm my attendance by logging in” option and press on “Sign In” Button.

Step7: Once you will “Sing In”, select your language and your KVPY Mock Test will be start.

KVPY Mock Test>> Start Here

Question Paper Structure of KVPY Mock Test 2017
  • The mock test of KVPY is divided into two parts with a total number of 40 MCQs divided equally among four sections.
  • Each question will have four options out of which candidates have to choose the correct option.
  • The structure of the question paper for part A and part B of KVPY 2017 mock test is as given below:

KVPY Mock Test 2017- Question Paper Structure (Part A)

SubjectsQuestion NumberMarks (For each question)Negative Marks (For each question)
Physics1 to 510.25
Chemistry6 to 1010.25
Mathematics11 to 1510.25
Biology16 to 2010.25

KVPY Mock Test 2017- Question Paper Structure (Part B)

SubjectsQuestion NumberMarks (For each question)Negative Marks (For each question)
Physics21 to 2510.25
Chemistry26 to 3010.25
Mathematics31 to 3510.25
Biology36 to 4010.25
How to Give Answer in KVPY Online Mock Test?

#1: In KVPY Mock Test, candidates have four options for every questions, aspirants have to select suitable option among the given four options.

#2: If you want to change your chosen answer, hit on the button of another option.

#3: To deselect your chosen answer, hit on the button of the chosen option again or select on the Clear Response button.

#4: To save your answer, candidates have to hit at “Save & Next”.

#5: If you want to review your marked question then press on the Mark for Review & Next button. If an answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, that answer will be considered in the evaluation.

Requirements to run a KVPY Mock Test
  • Supported browsers are Google Chrome/Firefox /Internet Explorer 9.0/10.0
  • Popup Blocker should be turned off
  • Clear Browser Cache before start of the test
  • Pariksha site URL should be in your Trusted Sites
  • Screen resolution should be 1024 x 768 and above
  • An Internet connection on your PC with a minimum speed of 512 Kbps

Official Link for KVPY Mock Test

In order to start KVPY Mock Test free, candidates can go through the Official Link as stated above. For obtaining all upcoming information, aspirants can bookmark this web portal by pressing ctrl+d.

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