Shocking! Modi Said Something Wrong In GST Speech!

Modi Said Something Wrong In GST Speech!

Shocking!!! Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is famous for its unscripted speeches, Said Something Wrong In GST Speech, How? On 30th June in the Central Ground of Parliament,Narendra Modi announced that while implementing GST throughout the country from July 1, all the goods in the country from Itanagar and Leh to Lakshadweep from Ganganagar will be sold at equivalent price. But this is not true as all cars, motorcycles, in the country can be sold at a price. We have brought something shocking which can prove this statement wrong, so know what the news, from the help of this page!!

Shocking! Modi Said Something Wrong In GST Speech!

Modi Said Something Wrong In GST Speech!! What was that? Get it here!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is great leader ever and he has changed the stance of India.Finally, don’t you want to know, that what the wrong was? After all, why did he say this? What was the Reason behind their statement? Find answers to all your questions here!!

Now, from Sri Ganganagar to Itanagar and Leh to Lakshadeep, there will be one nation, one tax. Now, this dream of ours will be fulfilled. But This is Not True!!!Because all carts including cars, motorcycles and others, in the country can’t be sold at Same Outlay. As you all know that the rummage sale of vehicles in all the states is done on the on-road price and there is NO CHANGE in the system even after GST is Implemented.

Modi Ji told whenever you go for purchasing any car, a motorcycle, in any state of the country, you are told two prices on the showroom i.e. An X showroom and the other on road price. You have to pay on road price for buying a car, so Know How On-Road Price is Determined after the Ex showroom price.

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After all, what is the X Factory Price?

The X Factory Price is the price that the car dealer gives to the manufacturer for lifting the car from the factory. That is the price at which the car company sells its car to its dealers. It’s simply means the price at the factory which doesn’t include any type of charges i.e. delivery or subsequent taxes. Ex-Factory Price Terminology is very less been told or evaluated to customer and somewhat is between the Manufacturer, Dealer and the Bank Whole Sale Funding Team who provides Inventory Funding to Dealers.

Know, what this show price is?

Whenever you go for purchasing the vehicles, it is sold in the country by adding road tax in the price of the car (X factory price). Tax authority of the state government presented this road tax and it is completely excluded from the GST scope. After accumulation of road tax, the divergence in price of car is from 5 to 15 per cent in various states.

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Prime Minister announced in Parliament that the products will be sold at same costs in every corner of the country, at least not be applicable to the sale of vehicles.

Due to Ex- showroom price, carts are sold at the cheapest rates in states like Rajasthan and Haryana. Appreciably, road tax is not within the purview of GST. So, the selling price of trains is still different in each state. In such a situation, the Prime Minister announced in Parliament that the products will be sold at same price in every corner of the country; at least it’s not pertinent to the auction of vehicles.

Final Words!!

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