TANCET Exam 2018 Syllabus For MBA/MCA/Engineering Branches In PDF Download Exam Pattern in English

TANCET 2018 Syllabus

Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test is conducted by Anna University for admission to MBA/MCA programs including engineering courses in various branches. Students, who’re going to appear in TANCET 2018 Exam, can download TANCET 2018 Syllabus in pdf format from here. TANCET Entrance Exam is considered to be quite competitive and it is organized once a year. Preparation for the entrance exam through TANCET Syllabus PDF is important as it covers all subjects. After downloading TANCET Exam 2018 syllabus & TANCET Exam Pattern, candidates can start their preparation for TANCET 2018.

It is the standardized exam, which is taken by aspiring students, who wish to gain entrance into an Anna University affiliated college/university. TANCET Score Card is accepted by the various colleges in Tamil Nadu, which offers M.B.A, M.C.A & M.E./ M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan. All students, who wish to pursue post graduation courses in their required fields through entrance exam, can begin their preparation through updated TANCET Exam syllabus. To collect more information about TANCET 2018 syllabus, how to download TANCET MBA syllabus 2018 PDF and other details, you need to go through this page of indguru.com.


Following subjects are included in TANCET Syllabus for MBA Entrance Exam. Students can start their preparation through updated TANCET 2018 MBA syllabus.

  • Verbal Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning

TANCET 2018 Syllabus for MBA

TANCET 2018 Exam Syllabus For MBA:

Verbal AbilityData InterpretationLogical ReasoningQuantitative Aptitude
SynonymsBar GraphSyllogismAlgebra
AntonymsLine GraphBlood Relation AnalogyArithmetic
One Word SubstitutionsPie ChartCoding DecodingGeometry
Idioms & PhrasesHistogramDirection Sitting ArrangementTrigonometry
ProverbsProblem Based & PercentageSeriesPermutation & Combination
Phrasal VerbsProblem Based on EquivalenceWater & Mirror ImagesStatistics & Probability
Reading ComprehensionBar GraphPunch lines
Cloze TestLine Graph
Basic Grammar

 Download TANCET Exam Syllabus for MBA: TANCET MBA Syllabus PDF


TANCET Exam Syllabus is composed by the following subjects For MCA entrance exam. The lists of subjects are listed below:

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Computer Awareness

TANCET MCA Quantitative Ability:

Number Systems
Percentages, Profit, Loss and Discount
Interest (Simple and Compound)
Speed, Time and Distance, Time and Work,
Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Linear Equations
Quadratic Equations
Complex Numbers
Logarithm, Progressions
Binomial Theorem
Permutation and Combination, Probability
Surds and Indices, Inequalities
Functions, Set Theory
Mixtures and Allegations
Geometry, Co-ordinate Geometry
Trigonometry, Menstruation

TANCET MCA Analytical Reasoning Syllabus:

  • Number Series
  • Alphabet Series
  • Test of Direction Sense
  • Coding Decoding
  • Number Ranking
  • Arithmetical Reasoning
  • Problem on Age Calculation
  • Blood Relations
  • Analogy
  • Decision Making
  • Non Verbal Series
  • Mirror Images
  • Grouping Identical
  • Figures

Logical Reasoning For TANCET MCA:

Number and Letter Series
Clocks, Cubes
Venn Diagrams
Binary Logic
Seating Arrangement
Logical Sequence
Logical Matching
Logical Connectives
Syllogism, Blood Relations

TANCET MCA Computer Awareness Syllabus:

  • Computer hardware parts and controls
  • Basic computer terminology
  • Basic internet knowledge and protocols
  • Number System
  • History of Computer
  • Network basics (LAN & WAN)
  • Computer abbreviation
  • Security Tools
  • Virus, Hacking
  • Software names and usages (Microsoft Office)
  • Computer Shortcuts

Download From Here: TANCET MCA Syllabus PDF

TANCET Syllabus For ME / M.Tech

The TANCET ME / M.Tech Entrance Exam are divided into the following three parts. TANCET ME / M.Tech Syllabus of these three parts are being provided on this page. You can start your preparations through this new Syllabus for TANCET 2018.

  • PART – I: Engineering Mathematics (Common to all Candidates)
  • PART – II: Basic Engineering & Sciences (Common to all Candidates)
  • PART – III (Selected subject)

TANCET Engineering Mathematics Syllabus

SubjectsTopics To Be Covered
Determinants and Matrices
  • Solving system of equations
  • Rank of the Matrix
  • Eigen values and Eigen vectors
  • Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form
Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Partial derivatives – Jacobians – Taylor’s expansion – Maxima and Minima
  • Linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients – Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients.
  • Formation of partial differential equation ( PDE ) – Solution of first order PDE – Solution of linear higher order PDE with constant coefficients
Vector Calculus

Double and triple integrations and their applications – Gradient, Divergence, Curl and Laplacian – Green’s, Gauss divergence and Stroke’s theorem

Functions of Complex Variables and Complex Integration
  • Analytic functions – Conformal Mapping – Bilinear transformation – Cauchy’s integral theorem
  • Integral formula – Taylor and Laurent Series – Singularities – Residues – Residue theorem and its applications.
  • Laplace Transform – Inverse transforms – Application to solution of linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients
  • Fourier integral theorem – Fourier transform pair – Sine and Cosine transforms
  • Transform – Inverse Z–transform – Solution of difference equations using Z– transform
Numerical Methods
  • Solution of linear system by direct and iterative methods – Interpolation
  • Approximation – Numerical Differentiation and Integration – Solving Ordinary Differential Equations.
Applied Probability
  • Probability and Random variables – Standard Discrete and Continuous distribution – Moments – Moment generating function and their properties
  • Two Dimensional Random Variables – Covariance – Correlation and Regression

TANCET Basic Engineering & Sciences Syllabus

  TANCET Syllabus

List Of Selected Subjects For TANCET 2018 Exam:

  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering And Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics And Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical, Automobile & Aeronautical Engineering
  • Leather Technology
  • Civil Engineering & Geo Informatics
  • Production And Industrial Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering, Ceramic Technology And Biotechnology
  • Computer Science & Engineering And Information Technology

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TANCET 2018 Syllabus For Civil Engineering

SubjectsTopics To Be Covered
Structural Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Structural Analysis
  • Building Materials
  • Concrete Structures
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Foundation Engineering
Transportation Engineering
  • Highway Planning
  • Harbour Planning
  • Traffic Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
  • Hydrology and Ground Water
  • Irrigation Engineering
Environmental Engineering
  • Water and Waste water Engineering
  • Air Pollution and Control
  • Noise Pollution and Control
Surveying and Remote Sensing
  • Surveying
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS and Cartography


TANCET Syllabus

TANCET 2018 Syllabus For CSE

SubjectsTopics To Be Covered
Applied Probability And Operations Research
  • Random Processes
  • Probability Distributions
  • Queuing Models and Simulation
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Design of Experiments
Discrete Mathematical StructuresFormal Language and Automata – Graph Theory.
Compiler Design

Optimisation – Code Generation – Implementation – Principles of Programming Languages – Programming Paradigms.

Operating Systems And System Software
  • Process Management
  • Storage Management
  • I/O Systems
  • Design and Implementation of LINUX OS
  • Assemblers, Loaders, Linkers, Macro Processors
Distributed Systems
  • Communication and Distributed Environment
  • Distributed Operating Systems
  • Distributed Shared Memory
  • Protocols, Fault Tolerance and Distributed File Systems
  • Distributed Object Based Systems
Programming and Data StructuresProblem Solving Techniques, Trees, Hashing and Priority Queues, Sorting, Graph, Heap Search.
Algorithm Analysis and Design TechniquesDynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, NP Completeness and Approximation Algorithms.
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • Computer Architecture And Organisation: Digital Fundamentals, Combinational Circuits, Synchronous
  • Asynchronous Sequential Circuits, Instruction Set Architecture (RISC, CISC, ALU Design )
  • Instruction Level Parallelism, Processing Unit and Pipelining, Memory Organization.
Digital Signal ProcessingFFT, Filter Design
Computer NetworksData Communication Systems, Applications
Database Management Systems
  • Relational Model
  • Database Design
  • Implementation Techniques
  • Distributed Databases
  • Object Oriented Databases
  • Object Relational Databases
  • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
Software Engineering Methodologies
  • Software Product and Processes – Software Requirements Management – Requirement Engineering,
  • Elicitation, Analysis, Requirements Development and Validation
  • Requirements Testing – Object Oriented Analysis And Design – Modular Design
  • Architectural Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Real Time Software Design
  • System Design
  • Data acquisition System – Software Testing
  • Quality Assurance – SQA Fundamentals
  • Quality Standards, Quality Metrics, Software Testing Principles
  • Defects, Test Case Design Strategies
  • Software Quality and reusability, Software Project Management
  • Software Cost Estimation, Function Point Models
  • Software Configuration Management, Software Maintenance.
Artificial IntelligenceIntelligent Agents, Search Strategies, Knowledge Representation, Learning, Applications.
Mobile ComputingWireless Communication Fundamentals, Telecommunication Systems, Wireless Networks
Security In Computing
  • Program Security
  • Security in Operating Systems
  • Database and Network Security
  • Scientific Computing, Information Coding Techniques
  • Cryptography
  • Network Security

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TANCET 2018 Syllabus For Mechanical Engineering

TANCET Syllabus

TANCET Syllabus For EEE

1.Electrical Circuits and Fields

KCL, KVL, Nodal & Mesh analysis, transient response of D.C and A.C networks
Sinusoidal steady state analysis
Resonance in electrical circuits
Concepts of ideal voltage and current sources, network theorems, driving point admittance and transfer functions of two port network, three phase circuits
Fourier series and its application
Gauss theorem, electric field intensity and potential due to point, line, plane and spherical charge distribution, dielectric, capacitance calculations for simple configurations
Ampere’s and BiotSavart’s law, inductance calculations for simple configurations

2. Electrical Machines

  • Single Phase Transformer Equivalent Circuit, Phasor Diagram, Tests, Regulation And Efficiency
  • Three Phase Transformer Connections; Auto Transformer
  • Principles Of Energy Conversion, Windings Of Rotating Machines : D.C Generators And Motors Characteristics, Starting And Speed Control, Armature Reaction And Commutation
  • Three Phase Induction Motors Performance Characteristics, Starting And Speed Control
  • Single Phase Induction Motors
  • Synchronous Generators Performance, Regulation
  • Synchronous Motors Starting Characteristics, Applications, Synchronous Condensers
  • Fractional Horse Power Motors
  • Permanent Magnet And Stepper Motors

3. Power Systems

Electric Power Generation – Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear
Transmission Line Parameters
Steady State Performance Of Overhead Transmission Lines And Cables And Surge Propagation
Distribution System, Insulators, Bundle Conductors, Corona And Radio Interferences Effects
Per Unit Quantities
Bus Admittance And Impudence Matrices
Load Flow
Voltage Control And Power Factor Correction
Economic Operation
Symmetrical Components, Analysis Of Symmetrical And Unsymmetrical Faults
Principle Of Over Current, Differential And Distance Protections
Concepts And Solid State Relays And Digital Protection
Circuit Breakers
Principles Of System Stabilityswing Curves And Equal Area Criterion

4. Control systems

  • Principles Of Feedback
  • Transfer Function
  • Block Diagram
  • Steadystate Errors
  • Stability Routh And Nyquist Criteria
  • Bode Plots
  • Compensation
  • Root Loci
  • Elementary State Variable Formulation
  • State Transition Matrix And Response For Linear Time Invariant Systems

5. Power Electronics and Drives

Semiconductor Power Devices Diodes, Transistors, Thyristors, Triacs, GTO, Mosfets And Igbts Static Characteristic And Principles Of Operation
Triggering Circuits; Phase Control Rectifiers
Bridge Converters Fully Controlled And Half Controlled
Principles Of Choppers And Inverters, Basic Concepts Of Adjustable Speed Dc And Ac Drives.

6. Digital Electronics

  • Digital Logic Theory: Number systems Combinational logic circuits Minimisation of Boolean functions IC families Arithmetic circuits, Multiplexer & decoders Sequential circuits Flip flops, counters, shift registers, Schmitt trigger, timers and multi vibrators.
  • Microprocessor : General 8 bit microprocessor Architcture8085, 8086 processor Architecture, Memory, I/O interfacing, Instruction set, Addressing modes, Timing diagram & delays, Machine cycles, Interrupts, counters, Assembly language programming.
  • Microcontrollers: 8 bit microcontroller – 8051 architecture, bus configuration, Instruction sets, programming & applications.

7. Digital Signal Processing

Analog signals sampling & Aliasing Discrete time signals & systems LTI systems Convolution sum Difference equation representation Z Transform & its Inverse Discrete Fourier series & Fourier transform Radix 2 FFT – Decimation in me
Frequency Inverse DFT using FFT Analog Butterworth & Chebyshev filter design IIR & FIR filter design and Realisation.

8. Computer Control of Processes, Networks

  • State models and state equations controllability & observability pole assignment discrete data system – state space representation stability data hold,
  • Z & modified Z transform – Pulse transfer function programmable logic controllers.
  • Data networks switching OSI, Data link control, Media access protocol BISYNC, SDLC, HDLC, CSMA / CD, TCP / IPBridges, routers, gateways, Ethernet and Arcnet configuration.

Download From Here: TANCET EEE Syllabus PDF

9. Communication Engineering

Modulation and demodulation systems – Types of transmission lines – losses – standing waves – Ground wave and space wave propagation – Digital communication concepts – Data Communication codes
Serial and parallel interface – Network protocol – Types of satellites – Advantages of optical fibre communication.

10. Measurements, Instrumentation and Transducers

  • Measurement of R, L and CBridges, potentiometers & galvanometersMeasurement of voltage, current, power, power factor
  • Energy Instrument transformers, Q meter, Waveform Analysers – Digital voltmeter,
  • Multimeter Time, phase and frequency measurements Oscilloscope – display and recording devices – Noise and interference in Instrumentation.

11. Analytical Instrumentation

Spectro Photometers Spectral methods of analysis source detectors and applications – Ion conductivity sampling systems, ion selective electrodes, conductivity and pH meters Analysers– Chromatography – NMR & X ray spectroscopy – GM and proportional counters Mass spectrometer.
Units and standards Calibration methods Errors Transducer classification, static characteristics, mathematical mode, zero, I and II order transducers – Response to different inputs variable Resistance, Inductance and capacitance transducers Piezo electric, Magnetostrictive, IC and smart sensors Digital, Fibre optic, Hall effect and feedback transducers.

12. Industrial Instrumentation

  • Measurement of displacement
  • Stress, strain, force, torque, velocity
  • Acceleration, Shock, vibration, humidity
  • Viscosity & density Pressure
  • Temperature, flow & level measurement

TANCET Syllabus For Admission In Engineering Courses: Download PDF

TANCET 2018 Exam Pattern

Examination Pattern for Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test is provided below in tabular format. Please note that, there will be a Negative Marking and 1/3 marks will be subtracted for each incorrect answer.

Sr. No. Course NameMax Ques.Time Duration
1MBA1002 hours
3M.E. / M.Tech
Part I20
Part II35*
Part III60/65*
TANCET 2018 Books

Following are the Reference Books for TANCET 2018 Examination, take a look…

Books NamePublisher / Author Name
Tata McGraw Hills TANCET 2018
Arihant Publisher’s MBA
S. Agarwal Preparatory Books
TANCET MBA by Ramasamy ESura Books Pvt Ltd
TANCET MBA by Anna UniversityG. K. Publications Pvt. Ltd
MBA Entrance Examination: Popular Master Guide PB Hashem Abul and Gupta AnjaniRamesh Publishing House
Data Interpretation MBA Entrance by JaiswalG. K. Publications Pvt. Ltd
The Pearson Guide to MBA Entrance ExaminationsEdgar Thorpe and Showick Thorpe, Pearson
The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance ExaminationsDinesh Khattar, Pearson
Advanced Engineering Mathematics(Third Edition)Merle C. Potter, J. L. Goldberg and Edward Aboufadel
BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Prasanta Kumar SatpathyPrasanta Kumar Satpathy
TANCET MCA – Anna UniversityVVK Subburaj
Advanced engineering mathematicsEarle c. Potter
How To Prepare For TANCET 2018?

Many of the students think that for well preparation, they need to get coaching classes. But the reality says that, you can also prepare well by doing the self study. For your easiness, we’re presenting you some tricks and tips to qualify Entrance Examination:

  • Must have a scheduled study plan according to TANCET 2018 Syllabus PDF and follow it thoroughly.
  • Use the Above Listed Reference Book and explore each & Every topics
  • Practice through previous year question papers, Mock Tests etc
  • Plan for Revision because Revision is as important as your studies.

Important Note:

Above provided TANCET Syllabus is helpful for preparing well for TANCET Examination. Students can also get other details about TANCET 2018 Syllabus through this Official Link. You can also bookmark our web portal for getting latest updates about Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test Syllabus, TANCET MCA syllabus and TANCET Syllabus PDF download etc.

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