Things Not to Carry in Examination Hall | Avoid Having Unauthorized Gadgets during Exam, Check List

Things Not to Carry in Examination Hall

An effective exam preparation to score well is must but there are some points also which should be considered by the exam applicants. Here, you will get to know about Things Not to Carry in Examination Hall which is the most vital subject to be considered. Every year, thousands of applicants participate in various type of exam and comes from the distinct places to appear for the exam. So, taking into this thing into consideration, there are some unauthorized gadgets that should be avoid during the exam.

Students prepare nicely for their exam when it comes to studying till preparing for the essential things required in the exam. Well, there can be various reasons behind the prohibition of these vital things in the exam. Each of the gadgets has its own reason or we can say the disadvantages due to which they are well thought out incriminatory. So, if you are also preparing yourself for any exam, then must check the list prepared by tama of regarding unauthorized gadgets not to carry in the exam.

Things Not to Carry in Examination Hall

  1. Smartphone’s

No doubts, with the advancement in technologies and science, the use of mobile phones have become more popularized. Now people can have easy access to the worldly affairs by just taking help form the internet. But this is the most vital unauthorized gadget which should be avoided at the exam time as it is highly used for the cheating purposes as well.

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  1. Bluetooth Devices

Now, there are multiple kinds of Bluetooth devices available in the market like headphones, earphones etc. As per the survey, lots of exam aspirants have been caught cheating in the exam with the help of these devices. Various schools and institutes have already banned the use of these devices.

  1. Rough Paper

In almost every examination institute, the candidates were given the rough paper to do the calculations and all. So, it is strictly prohibited for the aspirants to carry the rough or plain paper/sheet at the time of giving the exam. So, if you ever caught with any plain paper or any other stuff then you will be solely responsible for that.

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  1. Carry Bags

It’s a quiet fact that candidates who will be appearing for the exam must be carrying their hand bags or suitcases. As they are the essential things in which all the important material is kept And the exam center given you the facility to safely keep your things in the clock rooms or wardrobes. But the whole carry bag will Not be allowed to be kept along with the applicants excepting admit card pen, pencil.

  1. Calculators

Majority of you all must be familiar about the fact that scientific or normal usage calculators are not permissible in any examination except commerce related exam or Charter accountant exam. There are only exceptional cases only when the students are allowed to use the calculators at the exam otherwise it is not allowed.

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What To Carry In The Examination Hall?

  • Admit Card affixing recent passport size photo.
  • Pen (Blue or Black ball point)
  • A Photo Identity Card (i.e. Voter ID/ Driving License/ Pan Card/ Adhaar Card etc)
  • Pencil and Eraser if Required
  • Caste Certificate for Reservation Claim if Required

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