5 Unexpected Things PM Modi Do Everyday- You Will Be Shocked!

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5 Unexpected Things PM Modi Do Everyday

India has got its enthusiastic and painstaking political leader, Narendra Modi. Whether being in India or abroad, his distinguished pronouncement caters abundant reactions. If we see the two sides of the coin, Prime Minister, on one hand had always been shown a busy man and on other will never abscond from any challenges to accomplish the societal goals. So the question arises is who is Modi in real life?

Unexpected Things PM Modi Do Everyday

What are unexpected things he does every day? To question these answers, we have came here up with 5 Unexpected Things PM Modi do Every Day that will definitely make you shocked! However, some of the political analyst also states publicly the working way of Modi as corporate system. Starting from his working, he contributes his efforts for nearly 18 hours in a day and effectively overlooked and monitors his co-workers and their working.

5 Unexpected Things PM Modi Do Everyday

1: Wake Up at Early Morning

Unexpected Things PM Modi Do Everyday
Starting from its morning daily routine, Modi wake 7up early in the morning at 5.00 am and initiate the day with a cup of tea. Along with this, he checks his emails and also scrolls all the tweets of last day. Then he goes for yoga practice to remain fit and fine throughout the day. Thereafter, he takes very light breakfast including some gujrati snacks.

Unexpected Things PM Modi Do Everyday

2: Cover Office Distance By Foot
Unexpected Things PM Modi Do Everyday

PM Modi always like and love to work and practice all business formalities in his office at 7 RCR, south block, New Delhi. At sharp 9, he reaches his office and initiates all his important meetings, monitoring reports etc. moreover; he takes all the important calls by himself only. Whiling taking breakfast, he has a habit to take a look on important matters. There are several examples of Modiji` s hard working nature and one of them is he never use any medium of transport to go office but by pedestrian.

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3: Lunch Early

Narendra Modi likes to eat south Indian and Gujarati food like khakra, upma, khichdi. Well, this great personality doesn’t have any superior or extraordinary taste even he likes to have light Indian food. Moreover, Modi is having its personal cook, badri meena who cook healthy food or him.

4: Dinner Time

Modi has a routine to take his dinner at 10 along with watching news, debates, economic situation of the country, TV debates. After then, he put his yes on his emails or new tweets and also replies to the important ones.

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5: Go to BED late

This gentleman hardly takes the sleep of 3-4 hours at night despite of working for such long time effectively. Before going to sleep, he likes to communicate with his dear and near ones via calling them and then go off to sleep at 1.

We hope that viewers will be quiet interested to know 5 unexpected things PM Modi do every day. For more interesting information like this, stay updated with our web portal.

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