Why ‘Mitron’ Is Missing From Narendra Modi Speech?

Why ‘Mitron’ Is Missing From Narendra Modi Speech

PM Narendra Modi commonly used word “Mitron” to tenderly please his audience during his speeches and public congregation. And therefore, this typical Hindi word “Mitron” which means friends have become quiet familrized among the people. But after great publicity and assumptions, Modi’s extraordinary speech on New Year’s Evehad resulted in huge disappointment.

One of the most probable reasons could be his long duration speech but in reality the fact is that audience had not addressed the word “Mitron” in his speech. So you all must be wondering that Why Mitron Is Missing From Narendra Modi Speech? Long time back, the absence of frequently used “Mitron” in Modi speech had created buzz on social media platforms. Peoplehadstarted giving their comments in concern to this and out of them various jokes were very disenchanted.Why 'Mitron' Is Missing From Narendra Modi Speech?

However, the pub   chain of Delhi announced to offer beer at cost of Rs 31 that means more than 200 % discount on every time Narendra Modi use this word “Mitron”. Actually, this immense personality had disappointed lots of people who were eagerly waiting for the partying on New Year but he hadn’t utter this word and made the audience to pay attention at his 45 minutes long speech.

Why ‘Mitron’ Is Missing From Narendra Modi Speech

While listening to Modi’s speech, whoever busy with their cocktails were having their different options in this regard. One of the disappointed individual who was sipping his drink while listening to his speech stated his views in favor of Modi, “The Prime Minster is highly intelligent and must be familiar with the fact that public must be making fun of his used words like “Mere Pyare Bhaiyio Aur Behno” and “Mitron”. So, this could be one of the reasons that Modihad omitted this word in his speech.

As per a banker, Gautam at the pub sight reveled his thoughts while listening to Modi’s speech “Prime Minister is doing a brilliant job undoubtedly and strong enough to handle the tough challenges. The country will surely progress if every citizen will pay their tax on time”.

A ladypresent at the pub also expressed her disappointment, as she wanted to hear about the demonetization from Narendra Modi which was missing from speech.

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Mitron Could Be The Most Dangerous Word!

Although, the most usually used word by Modi “Mitron” gone viral on the social media. The social post comprises of its definition and it is defined as “A large group of unsuspecting people, about to be hit by something they will take a long time to recover from”. In fact, it could be the most dangerous word. Moreover, the viral post had also included an example as ‘Mitron, from midnight 8th November, the poor will get poorer.’

Although, the eminent leaders of political parties congress and AAP are cheerfully sharing the post. Newly, all India backchod skits also made fun in this matter of using Mitron in speech while discussing about life-changing proclamations.

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