GATE Virtual Calculator 2018 Download Online, How To Use Scientific Calculator In Exam

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GATE Virtual Calculator

Institute of Science and Seven Indian Institutes of Technology are going to conduct GATE Exam for examining the performance of engineering applicants in the B.Tech subjects, quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability. GATE Virtual Calculator, is an online virtual calculator in which all the functions and operators are done for calculation. As it is informed that, applicants who will participate in GATE 2018 Examination they are not required to bring physical Calculator.

Authority will provide a GATE Virtual Calculator 2018. So before appearing in the examination, applicants should know about know how to Use and download the Scientific Calculator in Exam. So here we are providing the information and instructions to use GATE Virtual Calculator. Applicants are advised to scroll down this page which get entire details which is provided by the team members of

GATE Virtual Calculator

GATE Virtual Calculator

Candidates can only use virtual calculator at the time of the exam. There is no need to bring the physical calculator in the examination as it is not allowed. Online virtual calculator is an online calculator in which all the functions and operators are included for operation. Applicants can use this calculator through the mouse; No need to use a keyboard. Gate Virtual Calculator is an online calculator that will be allow using at the time of examination. Virtual calculator is similar to other physical calculator with all functions, but the essential difference is that the gate virtual calculator will be obtainable online and can be used through a computer which is available at the examination center.

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How to use GATE 2018 Virtual Calculator?

Simple Arithmetic Calculations

To calculate 50 + 45 x 3 candidates must enter 50, +, 45, *, 3, =

To evaluate: 50 x 45-2 candidates must enter 50, *, 45, -, 2, =

Similarly to evaluate: 25 x (5+5) candidates must enter 25, *, (, 5, +, 5, ), =

How to Evaluate Function (Value)

  • To evaluate 2 + log(20) x 5 candidates must enter 20, log, *, 5, +, 2, =
  • To evaluate log(30) x 5 – 7 candidates must enter 30, log,*, 5, -, 7, =
  • To evaluate In(25) x 2 + 5 candidates must enter 25, In, *, 2, +, 5, =
  • To evaluate 5 + In(25) x 2 candidates must enter 25, In, *, 2, +, 5,=

How to use sin (Degree), cos (Degree), tan (Degree)

  • To evaluate sin(45) or cos(45) or tan(45) candidates must enter 45, sin or cos or tan
  • To evaluate: tan(45) x 5 + 2 candidates must enter 45, tan, *, 5, +, 2, =

How to find out yroot () value

To evaluate 4th root of 5 candidates must enter 5, y√x, 4, =

How to find out cube () value

To evaluate: 563 x 6+8 candidates must enter 56, x3 , *, 6, +, 8, =

How to find π value

To evaluate 5 π candidates must enter 5, *, π

How to find cuberoot ()

To evaluate cube root(3) candidates must enter 3,3√

How to find out square root

To evaluate square root(4) candidates must enter 4,√

How to find out factorial (nỊ)

To evaluate factorial (5) candidates must enter 5, nỊ

To evaluate factorial (6)*5-2 candidates must enter 6, nỊ, *, 5, -, 2, =

How to find exponential (ex )

To evaluate e0 candidates must enter 0, ex

How to find 10x

  • To evaluate 102.5 candidates must enter 2.5, 10x
  • To evaluate 10-0.509 candidates must enter 10, ^, 0.509, +/-, =
  • To evaluate 10-2 candidates must enter 10, ^, 2, +/-, =

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Famous Features of the GATE Virtual Calculator
  • All keys required for simple operations can be found on the right hand side of the calculator as seen above.
  • All scientific works and operations are given towards the left hand.
  • Since the Inverse functions have separate keys, there is no need to press SHIFT or INV keys.
  • All trigonometric functions are grouped together
  • All inverse tasks have been put under the related tasks. For example, sininv calculator is placed under sin
  • The Hyperbolic functions can be found grouped together.
  • At the top of the virtual calculator two display boxes are given.
  • The top box show the sequence of the keys pressed. It is just for location.
  • The second box below point out the actual values entered or received after the calculation.

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Final Words

On the above section of this page we have shared the information about GATE Virtual Calculator 2018. Candidates who want to attain more information regarding GATE 2018 Exam they may visit our web portal.

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By engineering August 29, 2017 14:22
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