What Is The Full Form Of GIF Format In Computer/Images/Facebook/Whatsapp/Video

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What Is The Full Form Of GIF Format In Computer/Images/Facebook/Whatsapp/Video

GIF Full Form

GIF is a bitmap images format that has come into extensive usage on the World, after its development. If you don’t know, that what is the Full Form of GIF then I will tell you the Full Form Of GIF. On 15-09-1987, GIF was created by software originator Steve Wilhite, while working at the BBS (Bulletin Board Service) Compuserve Company. The GIF file is having extension *.gif and now its runs on Computer/Facebook/Whatsapp etc. So, the full form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format (well-known by its abbreviation GIF /ˈJIF or /.ɡɪf/ GHIF).


The Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression algorithm is used to compress the GIF. By using this technique, you may reduce the file size without degrading the quality of image.Graphics Interchange Format (It is the GIF Full Form) uses 8 bit format which supports 256 colours, due to its small size and portability feature, it has been widespread over the Internet.Graphics Interchange Format file supports both animated and static images.

How do you make a GIF?

It is easy to make a GIF File for Facebook / Whatsapp and social networks. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to generate it…

  • Firstly, download the GIPHY app on your mobile or computer, which allow users to create and share gifs on a social network.
  • Secondly, choose as many images as you want and press the upload button to upload it.
  • Now, drag and drop the images you selected until you get them arranged properly.
  • Select adjust options, until the speed of your GIF looks normal, your GIF File will be created without any error.

Full Form Of GIF Images

When we are dealing with images, we mostly use some formats like PEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and EPS. Among them, JPEG, PNG and GIF image formats are the most used, now so many image file formats are available. So how would you decide which one is right for your needs? Because each format has different file size, compression and quality.

What is the difference between JPEG, GIF and PNG?
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)PNG (Portable Network Graphics format)
  • JPEG Images are best for photographic, natural artwork and realistic images.
  • It can handle only still images.
  • Unfortunately, JPEG does not support transparency and animation. Because this format is compressed, it is widely used for the web.
  • The main advantage of GIF is that it can be used for short animations and low resolution film clips.
  • Unlike the JPG files, GIF files support the transparency background.
  • With Transparency, you can keep any color background or photo on it.
  • It is designed to be a better form of non-patent graphics interchange format (GIF) and it is the most used lossless image compression format on the Internet.
  • There are many options of transparency in PNG. Support PNG-24 and PNG-32 Transparency, but it is more advanced than GIF
GIF Full Form In Computer

It is beneficial, if you want to learn the full form of image extension. What Is GIF Full Form? GIF acronym to Graphics Interchange Format, it supports animation and is usually used in animations for presentations.

Versions of GIF:

  • The Full Form of .GIF is Graphics Interchange Format, the Ist version of GIF file is represented as GIF87a and it was introduced in 1987.
  • Currently, its extended version, called GIF89ais used until today as the standard format which came in 1989.
Full Form Of GIF Video

The GIF File Full Form stands for “Graphic Interchange Format” which is actually an image bit format, that can be send to somebody and the video consists without sound. It is easy to download as compare to any other format files. You can also edit the video without degrading the original quality of the video; it is mostly being used in animation.

Some Other GIF Full Form Abbreviation
What Is Full Form Of GIF?Various Full Form Of GIF In Computer
GIFGraphics Interchange Format (File Extensions)
GIFGraphical Interchange Format (File Extensions)
GIFGuaranteed Investment Fund (Stock Exchange)
GIFGeneral Image Format (Ocean Science)
GIFGlobal Impact Factor (Journals)
GIFGerman Israeli Foundation (Non-Profit Organizations)
GIFGood Integral Function (Mathematics)
GIFGeospatial Innovation Facility (NASA)
GIFGrowth and Innovation Framework (General)
GIFGlobal Innovation Fund (Funds)
GIFGenetically Igineered Foto (Computing)

Readable Note:

GIF can be viewed anywhere easily, it is a short animated image that plays in a loop. In contrast to a video, GIFs are too short files that can also be viewed over slow internet or mobile connections. Moreover, it’s faster to upload, too.Would you like to get a free definition or updated information to your mailbox directly? If yes, then don’t hesitate to subscribe our free e-mail services. Our team experts will send daily updates into your mailbox. Keep continue on our web portal for getting complete details about Full Form GIF In Whatsapp and Full Form Of GIF In Facebook etc. Thank You For Visiting us…

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