How to Crack English Section of Bank Exams| Ultimate tips to Crack English Section of IBPS PO/Clerk & Other Exams

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How to Crack English Section of Bank Exams| Ultimate  tips to Crack English Section of IBPS PO/Clerk & Other Exams

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How to Crack English Section of Bank Exams

It is the biggest question for mostly students who are preparing of bank jobs that How to Crack English Section of Bank Exams. But don’t feel anxious, as we are catering some ultimate tips to Crack English Section of IBPS PO/Clerk & Other Exams. Many people are not comfortable using the English language. Whether it is Speaking/writing/reading or listening. In all competitive exams, English language has turn into an indispensable part. You have to master of English Language for a successful career. In bank exams to secure minimum stipulated marks is necessary but some of us failed to score even passing marks. It is possible to get good marks in English also with good strategy and attention. It is the best way to increase the English Language that is reading English newspaper and listening English News.

While appearing in Bank and any other Exams, no need to worry about how to Crack English Section. The exam pattern of all exams for English language may vary but if your concept is clear then you may crack any exam easily. IBPS 2017 English paper is design with many types of questions such as Comprehension Skills, Spelling Mistakes, Noun, Verbs, Prepositions, Direct -Indirect, Sentences, Adjective, etc. So, before going to appear in exam you should know about concept of all topics. We have a general tendency that we don’t need to practice or study English as we all know it. But in real scenario what happens is we are scoring less marks. So, start your preparation with the tips as given below.

Ultimate Tips to Crack English Section

All candidates who are going to appear in any competitive exam either it is IBPS Exam or any other exam firstly you should know about the exam pattern of English section and then plan your strategy accordingly. For the ease of contenders here we are going to discuss some amazing tips which helps you to get answer of questions that is how to Crack English Section of Bank Exams and also helps to score good marks. Have a glance.

 # 1 Make Habit of Reading Newspaper

If you want to crack English Section of any competitive exam then you should read the newspaper daily. In English exam, mostly questions paragraphs come from National newspapers and “The Hindu”. It is the most favorable by question paper setters. Reading newspaper daily helps you to understand the language and you can answer the question in exam easily. You can read the editorial section that will make you comfortable to their writing style. Reading Newspaper is one of the cheapest means of acquiring information and knowledge about the locality, your district or state. So, if you really want to improve your score then read newspaper every day. You can buy the newspaper or read it online on their website or download an app on your smart phone.

# 2 Listening English News Channels

To increase grasping power of English Language you need to listen English news every day. It helps you to understand the this language and can easily solve the passage questions which will be asked in English paper.

# 3 Improve Your Vocabulary

If you are worried about how to Crack English Section of Bank Exams then you have to perk up your vocabulary. Without strong vocabulary, it is not possible to score good marks in any competitive exam. Reading newspapers and magazines will help you to increase your vocabulary. The best way to improve your vocabulary is reading Word Power made Easy book. This book will cost you around hundred rupees after reading this book you will feel a big change in your reading as well as writing skills. Another way to improve vocabulary is learning a list of frequently used words.

# 4 Talk to people in English

You may feel sluggish and shy at first and will make lots of mistakes but you will soon discover that with more talking, your confidence as well as your accuracy is increasing. This increased confidence will help build up the trust in your intuition and save you precious minutes while attempting the English section of IBPS Clerk Prelim exam.

# 5 Watch Movies/ Documentaries

It is also the best way to increase knowledge of English to listen the speeches or watch movies and/or documentaries with subtitles. While attempting sentence completion and parajumbles it will help you. At least do it 30 minutes per day.

# 6 Use Best Preparation Books

As we know that there is no perfect book to crack English language section. But you may go through at least one book which contains all topics of exam. You know that in English section of IBPS, options are really closed and it is very difficult to answer rightly without understanding facts of paragraphs. Many time facts are wrong in answers, you need to answer on the basis of paragraph and not based on facts and general knowledge. Never guess answers in English section. You can also read books through online mode. Some English Books are also given have a look!!

# 7 Learn Atleast 5 New Words Daily

If you want to crack English Section of Bank Exams easily then you must have good vocabulary. It is the best way to improve vocabulary to learn minimum 5 words per day. You can download new words in pdf format and learn these words and also try use it in your normal language.

# 8 Practice Previous Year Papers

To access your exam, it is very important for all applicants to solve previous year questions papers and sample papers. It helps you to know the level of questions which will be asked in the examination.

# 9 Use A Dictionary

If you don’t know meaning of any word then you should check it in a dictionary. Instead of mobile dictionary you are advised to use an Oxford Advanced English Dictionary because it explains every word deeply. If you will buy The Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms then writing and reading skills goes to the next level. Try to invest more in books and less on coaching institutes.

# 10 Avoid Spelling Mistakes and Sentence formation

Candidates who are preparing for competitive exams and also worried about How to Crack English Section of Bank Exams they are required to training with the English mock test regularly to avoid spelling mistakes and write an error-free sentence. Whenever you are perfect in writing English what you want to say then you can easily crack English paper.

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Tips to be Track During Exam

Manage Your Time

To crack any competitive exam time management is very important. Attempting 200 questions in mere two hours is not an easy task. So, while appearing in exam you should divide your time according to sections and try to complete your exam within the time limit.

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Attempt English Language Section First

While appearing in the examination you are advised to attempt English language section in the beginning even if you are not good at this section. It is not easy to read and understand complete all paragraphs after 90 minutes of hard on quantitative and reasoning section. You should better in English because it is the most important part of any exam and examiner also check your basic skills about the language.

  • You must have familiar with the basics and proper usage of grammar.
  • Practice more with vocabulary questions
  • Avoid little and silly spelling mistakes
  • Improve your Comprehension skills
  • Make sure that sentence formation is clear and concise.

Attempt High Weightage Questions First

Mostly the last questions of English language are the easiest. So, you need to try to solve those questions in the beginning that contains high marks. Otherwise in last minute you can high scoring questions. You should never leave sentence completion and grammar questions.

Must Attempt Reading Comprehension

In many competitive exam 20 out of 40 questions comes from reading comprehension. Major part of English language section is consists of Reading comprehension sets. For scoring good marks you must attempt reading comprehension. Here we are providing some tips below:

  • Write main points while reading as in long paragraphs it is very difficult to recall every point.
  • Read questions first so that you know what are you finding
  • Identify the tone of paragraph, it helps in answering very quickly.
  • Read first and last para twice and thoroughly

Dear visitors, here on this web page of, provided ultimate tips regarding how to Crack English Section of Bank Exams. You may go through avail good marks and crack English part of any competitive exam.

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