Shocking! India Trapped China In Its Plan, India To Cover Dragon All Around

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Shocking! India Trapped China In Its Plan, India To Cover Dragon All Around

India Trapped China In Its Plan

Shocking!! India Trapped China In Its Plan with the help of 5000 years ago plan of pandva’s. The plan is India’s biggest step against China for Doklan controversy. The dispute between India and China for the past 1 month has proven that the good relation of India and China is rarely seems impossible in future. This Controversy has exposed China’s intention to inaugurate in front of the country and the world. Now India is going to leave this Brahmastra to Cover Dragon All Around.

India Trapped China In Its Plan

Plan is Inspired by Mahabharata Somehow!

India’s action to prevent the border combat between India and China hasrousted. India has premeditated a mega plan to warn China for the future purpose. This plan has designed as Pandva did to fail conspiracy of the Korva’s. In Mahabharata, 5000 Years ago, The Pandavas had obstructed a big conspiracy of Korva’s by digging a tunnel below floor of the ground. This time It’s The Same Place, Same Idea And Target Is China.India has left Brahmastra to teach lesson to the China and now Dragon will come to sanity from Pandava’s strategy. Know what the plan is???

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Do You Know What The Plan Is?

India Trapped China In Its PlanIndia Trapped China In Its Plan

India has planned a 2 lane tunnel on the border of China to tackle China’s counterfeiting. This tunnel is built in the remote passage of India and Arunachal Pradesh, whose height is 13700 feet. The only way to move from India to China Border is “Sela Pass” which is 13700 feet high above sea level and now this way will become the path of death for china. The defence Minister and our army are ready to execute this plan. This tunnel is going to construct in Tawang area and It will be a two-lane tunnel with a tunnel being 475 kilometers long and another 1790 meters long.

Even though these tunnels are made in Arunachal Pradesh, Border Road Organization has been given the responsibility to make these tunnels. BRO have responsibility to construct and maintain the roads on the international border. This work will be begun after the Monsoon and now army has done all the preparations for the acquisition of land. Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Home are working together on the scheme. This task of making tunnel is on top priority of the army and the government.

What Will The Happen After Executing This Brahmastra?
  • With the help of this tunnel, Indian Army will easily reach its border.
  • After this action, China will be acquainted with that India neither forgets 1962 nor its glorious history.
  • Now China will forget Doklan and pride too.
  • Now he will keep in mind that they are not seen in India of Pandva’s.

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What Will India Use To Execute This Plan?

India has taken a lot of tricks to defeat China, but it is important for you to know how India will execute the plan. Know about all the tricks and weapons here!!

Dhola Sadiya Bridge:

India Trapped China In Its Plan

Dhola Sdiya Bridge is also a weapon against China’s strategy. Narendra Modi inaugurated this 9-kilometer long bridge this year. This bridge is the First Longest Bridge in India that is built in the North East. This Dhola Sdiya Bridge is built at a distance of 100 km from the border of China, which will help our army to reach at China’s Border in the shortest possible time.

5th Generation Jet- Mig 35:

5th Generation Jet- Mig 35 is world’s most dangerous fighter plane which is also known as “Silver Killer” and designed by Russia. This Fighter plane is as a hunter which does not allow any other fighter plane flying in Sky. It is classified as a 4++ generation jet fighter and soon this MiG-35 will be added in the Indian Army. Check more features of this Jet!!

  • Capable of carrying nuclear weapons.
  • Speed of this plane is 2400 kilometers per hour.
  • The plane’s range is up to 2000 kilometers while flying.
  • It’s have 1000 km horsepower.
  • The FGA-35 radar type, featured 688mm antenna and 1016 T/R modules (originally planned 1064) with initial stage performance of a 200 km detection range for 3m2 RCS target.
  • It can track up to 30 targets at any time, engaging up to 6 air targets at once, or 4 ground targets at once.
RoleMultirole fighter
National originRussia
First flight2007
Introduction2018 (planned)
StatusFlight-testing/pre-series production
Primary usersRussian Air Force
Egyptian Air Force
Unit costUS$40 million
Developed fromMikoyan MiG-29M

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Mother Of All Under Water Deals:

  • India has finally kick-started its “mother of all underwater defence deals” after an excruciating 10-year delay.
  • This deal will be with France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Japan being in the fray to build six advanced stealth submarines.
  • The estimated cost of this project will be Rs 70,000 crore ($10.9 billion) in collaboration with an Indian shipyard.
  • This conventional submarine programme called Project-75 (India).
  • This will be languishing in politico-bureaucratic apathy, files and committees since it got the government’s “acceptance of necessity” way back in November 2007.
  • This is likely to be the first mega project under the new “strategic partnership” policy finalized by the defence ministry in May.

Other Preparation:

India Trapped China In Its Plan

  • Tank and weapon parts will grow indigenously.
  • India imports 60 spilled spare parts from overseas.
  • India buys spare parts for 10 thousand million a year.
  • The Ordinance Factory Board has decided to make the rectangle 30% in 3 years.

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Final Words!!

India has just faced a lot, just no more!! This thing is necessary to understand China that now India will respond to every attack. India Trapped China In Its Plan and cover Dragon All Around with its brahmastra and for updates stay tuned with

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