14 Interview Do’s and Don’ts, Points You Must Follow During an Interview, These Points Helps you to Get a Job Instantly

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14 Interview Do’s and Don’ts, Points You Must Follow During an Interview, These Points Helps you to Get a Job Instantly

Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Want to secure job instantly? Did you aware about Do’s and Don’ts that you have to follow while appearing in interview? Not Yet!!  Then have a peek at below stated article. The key to moving on the next stage of the process is in knowing what to avoid and what to do during the interview itself. Interviewing for a new job can be extremely nerve wracking and it’s natural to feel worried about it. But if you take a deep breath and focus on preparing to say the things recruiters want to hear, you’ll be fine. Here we are providing 14 Interview Do’s and Don’ts points. These points will help you to crack interview. If you want to grab jobs easily then you must follow these tips during an interview.

An Interview is a conversation where questions are asked by the interviewer and answers will be given by the interviewee. In other words we can say that interview is a process to examine others. If you are going to appear in interview to grab any government or private job then must have glance on interview tips. This do’s and don’ts points will help you to make a great impression on interviewer and you may get a job easily.

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If you want to get any job instantly then you must have knowledge about the Interview Do’s and Don’ts. Here we are going to discuss about some points which you have to follow while appearing in interview. So, have look!!

Research on Organization: It is the first step before going to appear in interview. You must have knowledge about the organization and the type of job for which you are going to give an interview. Do your preparation according to job profile and rehearse you answer.

Dress Properly: First impression is the last impression. Your dressing sense says a lot about you. So you need to dress well. Your dress should be casual and neat n clean.

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Be Punctual: In interview you should be on time. Try to reach on venue before 10-15 minutes. Remember that late arrival for a job interview is never excusable. If you are running late due to some reasons then you need to inform in the company.

Perfect Handshake: You need to greet your interviewer with a firm but not bone crunching handshake. Don’t try to be informal behave like a professionals.

Good Body Language: Interview is a nerve- wracking part of to get jobs. Everyone gets nervous during an interview. But nervousness could be a sign of weakness. So, you have to try making your body language perfect.  Your gesture and posture should be matched with your words.

Be Confident on your answers: When you deliver your answer you should be confident and honest. Sometimes interviewer will try to confuse you but you should stick on your answer.

Perfect Voice Tone: At the time of interview you voice must be perfect. Don’t speak too much loud as well as too much low. Speak in way that interviewer can easily listen your voice.

Eye- Contact: When you talk with the person who is taking your interview you need to try perfect eye contact with him. If you are feeling uncomfortable then look away for few seconds. Around 10 seconds of good eye contact at a time is a good guideline.

Listen Carefully Each Question: Before going to answer the question you have to listen carefully that what the interviewer want to ask. Then think and present your answer in prefect way.

Prepare Anecdotes and Examples: To make your answer perfect and innovative you may use some anecdotes and examples. But remember that examples must be related to your answer.

Bring Xerox of All Documents: At the time of interview you should bring photocopies of all documents and resume. So, you can produce refer to them, if required.

Be Honest: In interview, you should be honest with your qualities. Don’t present false statement to get jobs.

Clear Views: You views should be clearly present in your answer. Don’t go beyond the topic and give your opinion clearly as per your question.

Perfect Expression and Smile: Your expressions should be positive way that the interviewer will impress with your answer. But you need to give correct expressions and maintain perfect smile on your face.

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Now we need to know about the things which we don’t do at the time of interview. If you do these things in interview you can miss the chance to get job. So, candidates we are providing some points clarifying details about things that you avoid to do during an interview process. Have a glance!!

Don’t Be Overconfident: Its good thing to be confidents but if your confident turns into overconfident then it creates bad impacts on interviewer.

Don’t Play with Pen/ Hair: Sometimes due to nervousness, interviewee plays with pen, hair etc. This behavior presents your nervousness, so try to avoid this situation.

Don’t Sit: Don’t sit on chair until they offer you to sit.

Don’t Forget Wish: It is a etiquettes to wish all interview members. If male and female members are in interview panel then firstly wish to the female members. After that, wish to the male members.

Don’t talk about the Salary: It is the most important part of interview. Sometimes, candidates start to argue with the interview members regarding salary but this act impacts poor impression. If you are not satisfied with the salary then you may reject the jobs.

Don’t Chew Gum: It is bad habit to chew gum whole the time. If you are chewing gum then spit it out before entering the interview room.

Don’t Dress Over Fashion: Aspirants are needed to dress well not over fashioned or too much casual.

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Don’t Tell Lie: We know that to get a job is not easy task. But don’t false information to grab job. You need to present all information correctly.

Don’t Give One Word Answer: At the time of interview you need to avoid giving one word answer “Yes” or “No”. You need to explain your answers.

Avoid Too Much Perfume: While going to appear in interview don’t use too much perfume and hard fragrance. Use light fragrance deo and perfume.

Don’t’ Talk Too Much: Keep you answers informative but don’t talk too much. It is sign of nervousness. So, if you want to grab job easily then talk limited with the interviewers.

Don’t Mistreat Support Staff: Be as courteous with support staff as you are with your interviewer. Mistreatment of the interviewer’s support staff will get back to the hiring manager. Upon arrival at the office, treat everyone present with equal respect.

Avoid Cell Phone: Give importance to the time of interviewer. While you are going to appear in interview you need to switch off your cell phone or do it on silent mode.

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Dear Visitors, here on this web page of indguru.com we discussed about some Interview Do’s and Don’ts points. These tips will help you to avail any government and private jobs. But you need to follow it at the time of interview.

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