JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers | Solved Paper Download pdf

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JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers

With the help of JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers, students can easily qualify the JIPMER MBBS Entrance test 2018. Well, for your convenience, we have provided here JIPMER MBBS Solved Paper PDF, so you are suggested to download it for better preparation.

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research is going to conduct JIPMER MBBS Medical Entrance Examination on 03-06-2018 for admission to 200 MBBS seats offered by Puducherry and Karaikal campuses.

Those, who are looking for JIPMER admission to undergraduate medical programmes have to score well in written test by getting JIPMER Question Paper 2018. To collect more details about JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers/ JIPMER 2018 Question Paper PDF, go through this page which is well prepared by team of indguru.com


JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers

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JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions

Question 1: Which of the following organic groups are found in naturally occuring amino acids?

  1. Guanidinium ion
  2. Indole
  3. Imidazole
  4. All of these

Answer: Option 4

Question 2: Polyprotic acids such as H3PO4, can act as acid-base buffers

  1. only in combination with polyprotic bases
  2. if their concentration is kept low
  3. at pH values around neutrality
  4. at pH values around any of their pKa’s

Answer: Option 4

Question 3: The reactions of molecules

  1. are the reactions of the functional groups
  2. are independent of the functional groups
  3. require an enzyme in all cases
  4. all of the above

Answer: Option 1

Question 4: Which of the following indicates that the pK of an acid is numerically equal to the pH of the solution when the molar concentration of the acid and its conjugate base are equal?

  1. Michaelis-Menten equation
  2. Haldanes equation
  3. Henderson-Hasselbalch equation
  4. Hardy-Windberg law

Answer: Option 3

Question 5: Unpaired H-bond donors and acceptors are found in the hydrophobic core of a protein

  1. only at the ends of a-helices
  2. only at the turns connecting p-strands
  3. only on Pro residues
  4. rarely

Answer: Option 4

Question 6: For the unfolding reaction of Protein G, ΔH° =210.6 kJ/mol, this means that

  1. unfolding is favored enthalpically
  2. folding is favored enthalpically
  3. the entropy is positive at all temperatures
  4. the entropy is negative at all temperatures

Answer: Option 2

Question 7: Attractive Vander Waals forces occur between

  1. apolar molecules in the liquid state
  2. any pair of nearby atoms
  3. polar molecules in the solid state
  4. only if other forces are less favorable

Answer: Option 2

Question 8: Which of the following forces is the most favorable for protein folding?

  1. Conformational entropy
  2. Hydrophobic Interactions
  3. Vander Waals interactions
  4. Hydrogen bonds

Answer: Option 2

Question 9: At the midpoint of a temperature transition curve,

  1. half of the protein is denatured
  2. Keq = 1.0 and ΔG = 0
  3. [Native] = [Unfolded]
  4. All of these

Answer: Option 4

Question 10: Which of those immunoglobulin classes is mainly found in external secretions?

  1. Ig A
  2. Ig D
  3. Ig M
  4. IgE

Answer: Option 1

Question 11: Cleavage of an IgG molecule by a specific protease can produce

  1. an antigen-binding site and two constant regions
  2. two heavy chain-light chain dimers
  3. an inactive mixture of oligopeptides
  4. two Fab fragments and one Fc fragment

Answer: Option 4

Question 12: Papain digest IgG into

  1. two Fab fragments and one Fc fragment
  2. three Fab fragments and two Fc fragments
  3. two Fab fragments and two Fc fragments
  4. three Fab fragments and three Fc fragments

Answer: Option 1

Question 13: Antibodies can be used

  1. for the localization of proteins in the cell
  2. for protein purification
  3. to catalyze chemical reactions
  4. all of the above

Answer: Option 4

Question 14: Type A blood

  1. can be used to donate to type AB individuals
  2. can be used to donate to type B individuals
  3. contains type B antigens on the surface of red blood cells
  4. can always be used to donate to an Rh+ individual

Answer: Option 1

Question 15: A molecular technique in which DNA sequences between two oligonucleotide primers can be amplified is known as

  1. southern blotting
  2. northern blotting
  3. polymerase chain reaction
  4. DNA replication

Answer: Option 3

Question 16: 90% of CO 2 in blood is transported as

  1. Dissolved CO2
  2. HCO3-
  3. Carboxy haemoglobin
  4. Carbamino haemoglobin

Answer: Option 2

Question 17: Angle formed by the shaft and the neck of the femur is ___degrees

  1. 115
  2. 125
  3. 135
  4. 145

Answer: Option 2

Question 18: The aortic opening in the diaphragm is at the level of

  1. T10
  2. T12
  3. T6
  4. T8

Answer: Option 2

Question 19: All the following are general visceral efferent except

  1. Nucleus ambiguous
  2. Dorsal nucleus of vagus
  3. Salivatory nucleus
  4. Edinger Westphal nucleus

Answer: Option 1

Question 20: Which of the following is a primary lymphoid organ?

  1. Spleen
  2. Lymphnode
  3. Bonemarrow
  4. Liver

Answer: Option 3


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JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers

By the help of JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Paper PDF, you will know type & nature of questions asked in paper. So, start your preparation for 03-06-2018 exam by getting JIPMER Previous Year Question Paper 2018.

JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers are measured best from preparation point of view. You can get JIPMER Question Paper as well as JIPMER Model Question Paper from this page for best preparation for MBBS Medical Entrance Examination.

To crack the examination in first attempt, you need to go through the JIPMER previous year question papers with solutions PDF. JIPMER previous year Question paper is available only in English language.

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