Modi bringing You a Chance to Become a Star this Independence day – See How?

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Modi bringing You a Chance to Become a Star this Independence day – See How?

Modi bringing You A Chance to become A Star this Independence day

Opportunity has knocked the door, so take a chance because you never know how something could turn out to become star..!! Yes its true.. that Modi Bringing You A Chance to Become a Star This Independence day.

All the starts of our country are very much engaged on twitter even our Modi Government is very much lively on Twitter. Twitter is a premier site which is used for solving the issues and regenerates the measures thus it shows that how dynamic our government and Twitterati is. So the Narendra Modi government is assigning a chance for Twitter users to become stars this Independence Day.

This Independence Day the Modi government is all set to have portentous celebrations which will accommodate numerous of ebullient endeavour or tasks, the is no doubt that the celebrations on this 70th independence will be Remarkable. If you also wish to celebrate this independence as a great day for Indian democracy then must check out what distinctive celebration our government is bringing for us.

Modi bringing you a chance to become a star this Independence day

1) Post Your Selfie With Tricolour Theme

Modi bringing you a chance to become a star this Independence day

To feel the bliss of the of independence day celebration, you just need to post your selfie with the tricolor themes around this Independence Day and government handles will like those posts and also retweets it. Moreover this celebration will last for week-long for citizens in the Rajpath lawns, this is not the only thing in fact there is lot more for unique celebration on this August 15, our 70th Independence Day.

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2) Celebrate Overall Progress

Modi bringing you a chance to become a star this Independence day

PM has taken many huge forward steps in past three years, so for this independence the theme was finalized as “Overall Progress Made by the Nation After Independence”. However the main focus is on the abstract of a New India to revoke the achievements that have made in the last three years. Well in the campaigns of government also will be segmented in this part for 70 years of independence a unique celebration under the Modi leadership.

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3) ‘Twitter Polls’ And Quizzes

Modi bringing you a chance to become a star this Independence day

Government will run ‘Twitter Polls’ and quizzes on social media on various facets of Independence. The main objective for this is to create patriotic feeling and influencing large number of general public to participate in it and promote the Indian culture.

The week-long celebration will commence from August 12 to 18, 2017 and will be held in Rajpath lawns between Mansingh Road and Janpath, however the celebrations are for nine hours in the evenings, each day.

4) Promote Diverse Culture

India is for its diverse culture where people are from different regions, caste culture and attain different lifestyle. If seen deeply the food even in the Indian country has huge variety due to cultural diversity and so the cuisine & rich cultural diversity of India is thing which should not get missed. To promote this event, tourism ministry of our country will be coordinating the event, as per their plans five main areas will be built in the lawns that are,

  • cultural and musical areas
  • state theme pavilions
  • a food court
  • handicraft areas
  • facilities for interactive activities.

The cultural activities will be organized at central area in the south lawns on Rajpath with a main stage area where cultural performances will be played along with military bands.

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5) The Tryst With Destiny

The government will arrange handicraft and handloom celebrations for all the departments under it. To involve and release the importance of movement of independence, the Directorate of Advertising, Visual Publicity and Archaeological Survey of India will put up photo exhibitions. It is mainly to create the pride feeling in the nation and the remark the value that despite all the negative points, how the country has evolved after Independence.

A senior official said, as India is places as “Top league of nations in the last three years” by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So People’s opinions are invited on social media on the notion what freedom means for them,”.

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6) India: A Journey Like None Other

Officials said, Venkaiah Naidu overlooks a ministers committee headed which will be authorized to coordinate the celebrations. As like previous year the BJP will also be running a campaign with central ministers and they likely to visit various that places of our country which are very much related to movement of Independence such as Cellular Jail in Port Blair and Jallianwala Bagh.

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By Admin New July 26, 2017 14:29
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