Simple Difference between CV, Resume and Bio-Data that you must know

By February 12, 2016 10:02

Simple Difference between CV, Resume and Bio-Data that you must know

Simple Difference between CV, Resume and Bio-Data

Are you puzzled with the three terms-“Resume, CV and Bio-Data”. Are you still thinking that all three are same? If yes, then you are in wrong craft of awareness!! As there are so many format used while applying for different job proposals, one can get confused while making a distinction between different formats.  Most of the time people frequently jumble CV, Resume and Bio-Data and lost the opportunity of grabbing job due these simple mistakes. CV, resume as well as bi0-o-data, all are important in their places but they have a primary differences having Weightage of length. However, if you switch the places, you have to struggle in grabbing the opportunities. So, take a quick look on Simple Difference between CV, Resume and Bio-Data that you must know. No one want to exercise the pain of losing the job prospect, so take a quick look at the simple differences that are well mention below!!!

Simple Difference between CV, Resume and Bio-Data

I want to take a minute to ask you an important question one you’ve probably asked yourself at same point: in which points we have to show the difference between CV and Resume. Not everyone will know about the CV & Resume. Its okay, right now is the correct moment to know about the difference. In CV you have to mention in-depth information about you whereas in Resume no need to add whole information, it is a concise document. CV is used mostly in public service position and Resume is used in private sector. Resume, CV and Bio-Data all three comes under the same broad gamut but there is a lot of difference in its usage. So, to be familiar with its different usages must go through below specified information.  Have a look!!!


Resume: Basically, a resume is a petite summary that describes about your educational qualification, experience, skills, capability, work history, credentials as well as accomplishments. All these information plays an essential part when you like to enhance your career as a top businessman or wish to on go non-profitable job, profitable job, or government job, etc.

Length of a Resume: The Length of a Resume is of one page or sometimes two pages, it may be depends on your industrial experiences and your needs.

The best used in places: Resume is popularly in US and Canada. Candidates who are looking of jobs in these places can use resume to apply for various professions such as academic jobs, research oriented jobs or international jobs.

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The best used for: The best use of resume is to publicize your professional profile in the corporate world as it describes your educational qualification, experience, skills, etc on a single paper.


Bio-Data: In short words, we can say that bio-data is a Biographical Data that will comprise of personal facts about an individual. Bio-data cover personal factors of a person such as date of birth, Gender, religion, race, permanent address, nationality, residence, marital status etc. Along with this, it also lays an importance on educational qualification and experience.

Length of a Bio-date: Length of Bio-data will be of one page. Mainly, it is used for marriage purpose. Other than this, it is used to showcase your personal & professional detail both; it may go up-to two – three pages.

The best used in places: It is used in India for the marriage purpose.

The best used for: Uses of this Biographical Data varies from one country to another. Mainly, it is use for marriage purposes, but in many other countries, it is often used to apply for employment.

CV (Curriculum Vitae)

CV (Curriculum Vitae): CV is also known as Curriculum Vitae. Thus, in factual sense is represents course of life. It is described by the word itself. CV is prepared by mentioning all important necessities that helps in pertaining the education life and non educational life. Mainly, it consist of list of your skill set, degree, jobs, etc. we can say that Curriculum Vitae as a same as Resume, as both of them presents the summary.

Length of a CV: Length of CV will be always more than two pages. There is no page bar in preparing Curriculum Vitae.

The Best used in Places: Job fighters who are looking for jobs in Middle East, Africa, or Asia can make the use of CV (Curriculum Vitae). As the companies in these countries, demands for CV while appointing apt and skilled contenders for required vacancies.

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The best used for: Curriculum Vitae plays a vital role while applying against scientific jobs, academic jobs such as teaching, fellowships, etc. It also plays a important role in seizing intercontinental, health care, research, scholarships, assistantships, fellowships jobs, etc.

Simple Distinction between CV, Resume and Bio-Data

Different forms of FormatsContentLengthPurposes
CVName, contact information, education, work experience and work-related skills, summary of academic background, teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, affiliations, honors and other detailsMore  than two pagesFor graduate school and academic positions including faculty opening, assistantships and internships, grants, scholarships and fellowship applications
Resume Name, contact information, education, work experience and relevant work-related skills, work experience listed in reverse chronological orderOne page or sometimes two pagesApplying for business, industry, governmental and non-profit jobs
Bio-Data Person’s height, weight, father’s name, Mother’s name, gender, complexion, caste, religion, marital status, nationality, permanent address, date of birthOne pageMarriage /Employment  purpose

Usage of CV and Resume around the world

  • US and Canada prefers Resume. They only apply for CV when applying for jobs in abroad or for academic or research oriented positions.
  • Germany, CV is mostly used in German they call it as Lebenslauf which means true.
  • UK, Ireland and New Zealand, CV is used in all contexts and resume are not used at all.
  • Australia, India and South Africa, CV and Resume are used interchangeably.

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Hope, you get satisfied about above specified information on Simple Difference between CV, Resume and Bio-Data. Sp, now you are aware about the differences of all three formats. So, you can make a smart choice using correct format while applying for a job!! Best of Luck for Your Future!!!!

By February 12, 2016 10:02
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