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UPTET Question Paper

UPTET Question Paper helps the applicants to know the paper pattern and the level of questions which will be asked in the examination. Thus, aspirants who are going to appear in Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test are advised to practice from UPTET Previous Year Question Paper daily. UPTET Model Papers not only increase your speed and accuracy but it also help you for scoring good marks in UPTET 2017. Candidates can download UPTET Sample Paper With Answer in the form of pdf through online mode by visiting the official website that is upbasiceduboard.gov.in. Candidates can also get the UPTET Previous Year Paper for free through the below section of this page.

Uttar Pradesh Examination Regulatory Authority conducts UP Teacher Eligibility Test in two phases. Paper I is held for class I to V and Paper II is held for class VI to VIII. Aspirants who are desirous to get Government Teachers Jobs in UP they have to qualify the UPTET Exam. Therefore, applicants check the UPTET Exam Pattern and Previous Year Question Paper With Answer for both the papers here. If you want to get UPTET Question Paper 2017 directly then you need to scroll this web page which is well furnished by the team of indguru.com

Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board

All contenders who are going to appear in UPTET Exam are advised that they can solve UPTET Sample Paper 2018 to know the difficulties of exam. With the help of UPTET Sample Papers you can also increase your question solving speed. For the ease of applicants we are also providing direct link for UP Teachers Eligibility Test Papers. As, UPTET Exam will be conducted in English or Hindi language thus applicants can also download UPTET Sample Paper With Answer In Hindi. To get UPTET Sample Paper Pdf directly you can go through the table as stated below.

UPTET Question Paper Direct Links
UPTET 2018 Sample Paper for English Download PDF
UPTET Sample Paper In Hindi for Environmental Studies Download PDF
UPTET Sample Paper 2018 for Mathematics Download PDF
UPTET Question Paper for Child development and Pedagogy Download PDF
UPTET Hindi Sample Paper Download PDF
UPTET Sample Paper of Paper 1 Download PDF
UPTET Sample Paper of Paper 2 Download PDF

UPTET Sanskrit Sample Paper

In UPTET Exam, applicants have to opt one option language from English, Sanskrit, Urdu etc. So, candidates who have opted Sanskrit language and searching for UPTET Sample Papers they can go through the direct link as stated below:

UPTET Sample Paper for Sanskrit Get Here
UPTET Sanskrit Question Paper Get Here

UPTET Previous Year Questions and Answers

Question 01:  What is the meaning of “When a child fails”?

  1. A system has failed
  2. The child is not fit for studies
  3. A child has not memorized the answers properly
  4. The child should have taken private tuition

Answer: 3

Question 02: One crore is equal to

  1. 100 Lacs
  2. 1000 lacs
  3. 10 lacs
  4. 100 thousands

Answer: 1

Question 03: Dyslexia is associated with which kind of disorder?

  1. Mathematical
  2. Mental
  3. Reading
  4. Behavioral

Answer: 3

Question 04: Into which of the group “Blackboard” could be included?

  1. Audio-visual aid
  2. Audio aid
  3. Visual aid
  4. None of above

Answer: 3

Question 05: Teachers behavior ought to be

  1. Idealistic
  2. Directive
  3. Administrative
  4. Instructive

Answer: 1

Question 06: Which is not the antonym of “Lovely”?

  1. Ugly
  2. Drab
  3. Awful
  4. Tall

Answer: 4

Question 07: Which country has the maximum number of tube-wells in the world?

  1. America
  2. Australia
  3. China
  4. India

Answer: 4

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Question 08: Five persons paint a house in 3 days when they work 8 hours every day. Then if one person works 4 hours every day, how much time ( day ) will he take to complete the same work?

  1. 30
  2. 15/2
  3. 6/5
  4. 3/10

Answer: 1

Question 09:  A person sold a cycle at Rs. 935 with a gain of 10% then at how much amount did he purchase the cycle?

  1. 945
  2. 850
  3. 925
  4. 085

Answer: 2

Question 10: Tobacco addiction is due to

  1. Cocaine
  2. Caffeine
  3. Nicotine
  4. Histamine

Answer: 3

Question 11: What are the minimum ages for marriage of boys and girls in India?

  1. 21 years and 18 years
  2. 18 years and 2 1 years
  3. 18 years and 18 years
  4. 21 years and 21 years

Answer: 1

Question 12: How many members of Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President?

  1. 12
  2. 18
  3. 20
  4. 22

Answer: 1

Question 13: Carrier of Dengue disease is

  • Aedes mosquito
  • Culex mosquito
  • Housefly
  • Anopheles mosquito

Answer: 1

Question 14: The teachers should not use which of the following ways to change the attitudes of students?

  1. Coercive persuasion
  2. Repetition of idea or assertion
  3. Endorsement by an admired person
  4. Association of the message with a good feeling

Answer: 1

Question 15: Which one of the following sentences expresses ‘possibility’? There are dark clouds in the sky. ……………………….

  1. will rain
  2. shall rain
  3. may rain
  4. must rain

Answer: 1

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Question 16: Complete the following sentence with the correct form of the adjective: Anupam is ………………… boy in the whole of the class.

  1. the tallest
  2. the taller
  3. the tallest
  4. the taller

Answer: 1

Question 17: The temporary change in behavior due to continuous exposure to stimuli is called

  1. Habituation
  2. Learning
  3. Temporary learning
  4. Motivation

Answer: 1

Question 18: Pick out the verb from the following:

  1. Create
  2. Creation
  3. Creator
  4. Creativity

Answer: 4

Question 19: Select the correct verb form: Sachin has ………….. many records.

  1. brokened
  2. broken
  3. broke
  4. breakened

Answer: 3

Question 20: Which theory believes that human mind is like an iceberg mostly hidden and has three levels of consciousness?

  1. Trait theory
  2. Type theory
  3. Psychoanalytical theory
  4. Behaviorist theory

Answer: 3

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UPTET Exam Pattern

Paper I:

  • In Paper-I, total 150 MCQ’s will be asked from the subjects namely Child Development and Pedagogy, Languages-I, Languages-II, Mathematics & Environmental Studies.
  • Each question carries one mark.
Sr. No. Paper Name Max Ques. Max Marks
1 Child development and pedagogy 30 30
2 Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu) 30 30
3 Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu) 30 30
4 Mathematics 30 30
5 Environmental Studies 30 30
Total 150 150

Paper II:

  • Candidate who had applied for UPTET Exam for Upper Secondary Level that is for Class- VI to VIII.
  • In UPTET Paper-II, 90 questions will be asked from the subjects Child Development and Pedagogy, Languages-I and Languages-II.
  • 60 questions will be asked form Mathematics & Science/ Social Studies & Other Subject.
  • Each question carries one mark.
  • The exam will be conducted for total 150 marks.
Sr. No. Paper Name Max Ques. Max Marks
1 Child development and pedagogy 30 30
2 Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu) 30 30
3 Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu) 30 30
4 Mathematics & Science 60 60
5 Social Studies 60 60
Total 210 210
Benefits of UPTET Previous Year Question Paper


  • With the help of UPTET Previous Papers, candidates can get the idea of difficulty Level of Questions.
  • UPTET Question Papers are helpful to understand the nature of the exam pattern.
  • Through the help of previous year question paper get the idea of topic wise Distribution of the question.
  • UPTET Previous Paper also helpful to plan your strategy for UPTET Exam.
  • By practicing UPTET Question Paper, you can increase the speed & time Management.

Official Link for UPTET Question Paper

Significant Note

Candidates can also get UPTET Question Paper by following the Official Link as stated above. To collect all upcoming details regarding UPTET Question Paper 2017 you can bookmark this web portal by pressing ctrl+d.

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