12 Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams | Proven Tricks to Guess/Avoid Doubtful Questions

By upsc March 4, 2017 13:51

12 Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams | Proven Tricks to Guess/Avoid Doubtful Questions

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12 Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams

The word Negative Marking itself creates a daunting sense, as a result haunts every individuals attempting the examination!! Now a days, multiple type questions are in trend, as most of the examinations have an objective type pattern having multiple choice question answers. Basically, candidates have to choose most appropriate answer from four alternatives given. But while choosing the answer, the fear of losing marks as negative marking arise in the mind of every examinee. So to help you we are catering 12 Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams. Yearly, thousands of candidates apply against various competitive examinations such as SSC, RRB, UPSC, etc but few of them will get success in grabbing the desired job. So, in order to ace the examination with good score we are providing Proven Tricks to Guess/Avoid Doubtful Questions on this page which is well equipped by team of indguru.comTips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams

Proven Tricks to Guess/Avoid Doubtful Questions

Because of negative marking, candidates can lose his. Her chance to gain goods score in competitive examinations. So, individuals who are dealing with the same problem can go through 12 Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams as stated below. Have a look!!!

Only Key to Success “Practice”  

As we all know, practice makes the man perfect. Since competitive examinations except you to complete 120- 130 question in about 2 to 3 hours, it is obligatory for aspirants to find out the short cuts, speed up your calculations and techniques, easy problem solving skills so that precious time could be saved.

Check Now- How to Study without Distractions

Study frequently

Studying one night before the examination isn’t takes you to success. If you really desired to ace the examination with good marks, you have to study regularly. For this, craft a plan and strategize it. Also take regular breaks, this will help up if fresh n up!!!

Work On Previous Years Question Papers

In order to reduce the chance of negative marking, you must analyze previous year question papers as it will help in showing a transparent view of exam pattern, syllabus, difficulty level of question as well as gives an idea about the question that have chance to comes in examination.


Always concentrate while writing answers in the examination. Be persuaded while attempting the exam, both physically as well as mentally. Try to evade distraction. Don’t look here and there and completely focus on your examination. Always carry, each and every required item with yourself so that you don’t have to ask as it may disturb others as well as your focus on the topic.

Go for Easy Question First

Try to attempt easy question first. Don’t go for doubtful question, as it increases the chance of negative marking. Candidates are advised to read the entire question carefully and completely, and after that mark the answer. As sometimes, answer is hidden in the question itself.

Shun Overwriting

Try to eliminate overwriting, as OMR Sheets are read by computer, as erasing overwriting creates a problem while calculating the marks.  So, it’s better to evade overwrite frequently or erasing as it will creates chances of negative marking!!!

Avoid Random Guess

Until you are not sure about the answer, never mark it in the OMR sheets!! Guessing can creates the chances of diminishing the marks. But if you are confused about two answers, then take a risk. As well all know success comes with risks!!!

Do not Stuck to a Particular Question

Since question paper is divided into various sections, so don’t get stick to a Particular Question for which you are not sure. Try to answer to next question as soon as possible and come back to that question after attempting all the questions.

Don’t Take Stress

Never take stress while solving answer, as it can spoil pause your thinking power. So, try to take about positive vibes, evade negativity. Take a deep breath and start marking the questions.

Solve Mock Tests

Solve mock test as much as you can. It will increase your speed level and helps in managing time. By solving mock tests, one can get the idea about the examination pattern, updated syllabus, complexity level of questions, etc.

Prepare from Notes

The best thing you can to do reduce negative marking and to raise your secure is to study according to prepared notes. While preparing notes one can write down all important things such as formulas, important theorems etc. So, during last minutes prepare using notes rather than reading the text books.

Use Creative Techniques

In order to reduce negative marking and to obtain good marks, you can translate your topics into different types of games such as repetition, flash cards and mnemonics. Also, take care of your health, eat nutritious food and take adequate sleep!! By using above stated 12 Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams, you will surely ace the exam.

We expect that these 12 Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Exams create a fruitful success, helps in acing the examination and assist you in raising the marks. If you are looking for other relevant info, stay connected with us on our web portal indguru.com. We also cater information on educational matter, recruitments and private jobs, etc. You can also bookmark our page using ctrl + d key.

By upsc March 4, 2017 13:51
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