12 Tips To Score +90% Marks In Board Exam, Time Management Strategies For Pre-Boards, Get High CGPA With Less Study

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12 Tips To Score +90% Marks In Board Exam, Time Management Strategies For Pre-Boards, Get High CGPA With Less Study

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12 Tips To Score +90% Marks In Board Exam

Now the time is less for you to prepare and learn for your board exams, to help you we’ve listed 12 Tips To Score +90% Marks In Board Exam. Read these time management strategies that will surely help you to prepare for pre-boards, so here’s a secret to get high CGPA with less study. Guys, seriously it doesn’t matter that how well you had performed earlier but board exams are considered most important phase of your Schooling. So, it is necessary for everyone to score good in 12th board exams.

If you are in opinion that now it’s late to expect scoring above 80 or 90+ % in board exams, then you are actually wrong. Honestly telling, 60 days are actually enough for you to prepare for board exams, but you should have a basic knowledge of all subjects…

12 Tips To Score +90% Marks In Board Exam

So, here team Indguru providing you some useful tips which can improve your result and definitely will help you to get a better result, let’s read them below;

Start Well Before 

  1. For board preparation it is recommended for all students that they should not delay for preparation and must start early.
  2. So focus on exams more as this can actually cause a major setback to your results and students it is must for you to understand concepts…

Finish Your Studying Tasks on A Daily Basis

  1. Studies should be done on a daily basis because doing so will ensure that students will have determination to finish task of learning on the very same day. And every candidate who is appearing for Class 12th board exams must go with this technique….

More Revision Is Better Option!

  1. While preparing for board examinations, simply taking daily lessons is basically not sufficient to score good marks.
  2. So, to achieve success regular studies and revision is something that will sharpen your memories and this things will be easy for you to understand. But remember that for physics, chemistry, mathematics, accounts, IP; formulas should be revised more than theoretical part as this can take you to get excellent scores.

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Take Tests Regularly

  1. It is actually important for students to take many practice tests; this quality of trying is something that will help you to know lot about exam.
  2. Try previous year’s question paper sets, but be honest in learning but not cramming. So take the best tricks to improve your performance in board exams…

Revision Can’t Be Ignored

  1. Though it is tough still you have to believe that it is really important for every candidate to remember revising over and over again. Generally students commit such mistakes of forgetting about revising topics again, at least you don’t delay revising for next day…

Presentation and Time Management

  1. Obviously, examiners like to read neat handwriting, so why don’t you present them with a neat answer script, systematically formatted answers.
  2. Well, this is good option; you need to do everything to impress the examiner. But be sure to manage your time while answering in every possible way…..

Answer Sheet Should Be Clean and Neat

  1. There is much kind of students who just simply spoil their whole hard work by doing silly things on their answer sheets.
  2. Stop using your answer sheet as a rough paper and always try to make your answer sheet neat and clean.

Students, be calm and keep this in mind that with right determination and hard work for studying, you can score 90% in 12th Board exams and even more…… Good Luck!

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By Admin New January 4, 2017 16:49
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