UCEED Sample Papers 2018 Solved Question Paper Pdf Download www.uceed.in Previous Year Papers

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UCEED Sample Papers 2018 Solved Question Paper Pdf Download www.uceed.in Previous Year Papers

UCEED Sample Papers

The sample papers of any examination will help contenders to get an idea about the type of questions they can expect in the exams. So, check UCEED Sample Papers, which will be based on the latest UCEED syllabus and UCEED exam pattern. Practicing through UCEED Question Paper will give an idea about their level of preparation for UCEED 2018 Exam. Therefore, you can start practicing through UCEED Previous Year Papers, which is available to download in pdf format. In this article, we’re presenting you some UCEED Solved Question Paper that will be helpful to check your weaknesses and consequently work on them.

Contenders, who wish to develop their skills, speed, and accuracy to attempt the UCEED Entrance Exam, they can download UCEED Sample Paper Solution and begin your preparation accordingly. IIT Bombay is organizing body for Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design. UCEED 2018 Score will be used to provide admission in B.Des programmes. To get UCEED 2018 ranks in UCEED Exam, you need to solve previous year question paper. By doing so, you will get a prior experience of the examination. Read this article of indguru.com thoroughly and get details about UCEED Sample Papers 2018.

UCEED Previous Year Question Papers

YearUCEED Question paperUCEED Answer Key
2017UCEED 2017 Question PaperUCEED 2017 Answer Keys
2016UCEED 2016 Question PaperUCEED 2016 Answer Keys
2015UCEED 2015 Question PaperUCEED 2015 Answer Keys

UCEED Solved Question Papers

Questions in UCEED 2018 will be asked on the following topics that is Analytical and logical reasoning Ability, Language and creativity, Observation and design sensitivity, Design thinking and problem solving, Environmental and social awareness and Visualization and spatial ability. Take a look on below listed question papers and try to solve them….

Ques. 1: The use of microorganism metabolism to remove pollutants such as oil spills in the water bodies is known as:

[A]. Biomagnification

[B]. Bioremediation

[C]. Biomethanation

[D]. Bioreduction

Ans: [B]

Ques. 2: Emotions, actions, movement, taste, smell …… (something that is felt) represents

[A]. Auditory

[B]. Visual

[C]. Kinesthetic

[D]. Tactic

Ans: [C]

Ques. 3: Which of the following is/ARE considered “Impossible triangle”

[A]. Kanizsa triangle

[B]. Penrose triangle

[C]. Barmoda triangle

[D]. Color triangle

Ans: [B]

Ques. 4: The relation between h, d, a, where h = apparent height of object, a is the actual size, and d is the distance of the object is best given by

[A]. h = a*d

[B]. d = a*h

[C]. h=a/d

[D]. a = h*d

Ans: [C]

Ques. 5: The following image is ipads cover. Identify how many visuals represents Paris

UCEED Sample Papers

Ans: 14

Ques. 6: Light bulbs are usually filled with inert gas, which of the following can be used (multiple)

[A]. Nitrogen

[B]. Methane

[C]. Helium

[D]. Krypton

[E]. Argon

[F]. Xenon

Ans: [A,D,E and F]

Ques. 7: When “Rule of thirds” is applied to a picture/image, then in many parts the picture/image will be divided

[A]. no divison

[B]. 3 parts

[C]. 6 parts

[D]. 9 parts

[E]. 3*3*3 = 27 parts

Ans: [D]

Ques. 8: Identify to which brand(s) the following products belongs to

[A]. Sennhieser, apple

[B]. Samsung, Philips

[C]. Sony, apple

[D]. Beats by Dre, apple

Ans: [C]

Ques. 9: Select the types of biodiversity among the options given

[A]. Species Diversity

[B]. Operational Diversity

[C]. Genetic Diversity

[D]. Functional Diversity

[E]. Forest Diversity

[F]. Plant Diversity

[G]. Ecosystem Diversity

Ans: [A, C, D, and G]

Ques. 10: How many intersection points (like A,B ….) are there, where exactly three lines are meeting

[A]. 6

[B]. 4

[C]. 7

[D]. 8

Ans: [A]

Ques. 11: How many reptiles are visible in the below image

Ans: 1

Ques. 12: Match the following cultural dance with the state to which it belongs to

[A]. Kathakali     1. Gujurat

[B]. Dandya       2. Rajasthan

[C]. Bhangra      3. Maharastra

[D]. Bihu           4. Punjab

[E].  Chau          5. Kerala

[F]. Ghoomer     6. Assam

[G]. Dindi          7. West Bengal

Ans: [(A,5),(B,1),(C,4),(D,6),(E,7),(F,2),(G,3)]

Ques. 13: Identify to which brand the following logos belong to

Ans: [Mustang, infiniti, Aston Martin, Citreon, Acura,]

Ques. 14: Plastic drinking water bottles are made from

[A]. PVC

[B]. Polyethylene

[C]. Polycarbonate

[D]. Polyethylene terepthylene

Ans: [D]

Ques. 15: Who among the following are some of the greatest designers of all time

[A]. Charlie Parrish

[B]. Pierre Cardin

[C]. Michael Graves

[D]. Caravaggio

[E]. Rubens

[F]. Jonathan Ive

[G]. Dieter Lubs

Ans: [A, B, C, F, G]

Also Download Here Topic Wise: UCEED Syllabus

Advantage of Having UCEED Sample Papers 2018

Candidates, UCEED 2018 Exam is going to be scheduled on 20th January 2018. Our motive of providing Sample Papers is to let candidates have the proper knowledge about entrance examination. Let’s have a look on some advantages of Sample Question papers.

  • By practicing through UCEED Sample Paper with Answer PDF, you can clear their doubts and brush up their weak areas.
  • Another benefit is that, you can easily improve their time management skills to attempt the exam
  • With UCEED Sample Question Paper Pdf, you will also know about the exam pattern of UCEED 2018

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Important Note:

We hope that, this article will provide complete information about UCEED Exam 2018. Candidates can also download previous year UCEED Sample Papers from above provided link. Start preparation according to it and keep tuned with us on our web portal for getting latest updates about UCEED Admit Card, UCEED Results etc.

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