UPSC Previous Year Question Paper | 2014 to 2018 Last 5 Years [PDF] Question Papers, Pre/Mains Solved Test

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UPSC Previous Year Question Paper

It’s the time to begin your preparation for UPSC Exam, which will be conducted by Union Public Service Commission. In this article, we’re providing you UPSC Previous Year Question Paper, which are very important and to help you understand the UPSC Pre/Mains exam pattern, and practice accordingly. If you want to qualify UPSC Prelims / Mains examination in first attempt, then you can start preparing through UPSC Solved Test papers. So, to provide you useful experience on the type of questions asked in UPSC examination, we have provided Previous Year Question Paper of UPSC in PDF format. Candidates can also download Last 5 Years UPSC Question Paper i.e. from 2014 to 2018 below in this article.

UPSC is the short form of Union Public Service Commission and it is one of the prestigious organization which conducts various Competitive Exams namely Civil Services Examination, IAS Exam etc for selecting the applicants. is providing you trick and tips to clear the UPSC Exams, UPSC IAS Previous Year Question Paper and Solved tests papers with an idea that no applicant should be left out of UPSC exam competition due to the inaccessibility of costly classroom coaching. Now, you may go through our suggestion listed out as 5 vital tips and we expect this guidance to be useful for everybody who is confused. You can download UPSC Previous Year Question Paper, UPSC CAPF Previous Year Question Paper Pdf and UPSC Previous Year Question Paper With Answer from the links that we have provided in this article.

UPSC Previous Year Question Paper PDF

UPSC Previous Year Question Paper For 2017

UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Paper For Engineering Services:

UPSC Civil Engineering Question Paper – I
UPSC Civil Engineering Question Paper – II
UPSC Electrical Engineering Question Paper – I
UPSC Electrical Engineering Question Paper – II
UPSC Mechanical Engineering Question Paper – I
UPSC Mechanical Engineering Question Paper – II
UPSC Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Question Paper – I
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Question Paper – II

Previous Year UPSC Question Paper For Indian Economic Service and Indian Statistical Service Examination:

UPSC CAPF Previous Year Question Paper:

UPSC Civil Service Previous Year Question Paper:

Previous Year Question Paper Of UPSC Prelims
Previous Year UPSC Prelims Question Paper For General Studies Paper – I
UPSC Previous Year Question Paper With Answer Key For General Studies Paper – II

Download Now: UPSC Previous Year Question Paper 2017

UPSC Previous Year Solved Question Paper:

By practicing through Previous Year UPSC Mains Question Paper / Prelims question paper, you also need to go through the below listed solved questions. It will provide you an idea about which type of question is going to be asked in Union Public Service Examination. Take a look….

Question1: The relationship between °F and °C temperatures in terms of °C is?

(A) °F = 9/5°C + 32

(B) °C = 5/9(°F-32)

(C) °F = 9/5°C – 32

(D) °C = 5/9(°F+32)

Answer: (B)

Question2: If it rains, the match will be postponed.

(A) simple

(B) negative

(C) complex

(D) compound

Answer: (C)

Question3: The minimum distance between the sun and the earth occurs on:

(A) December 22

(B) June 21

(C) September 22

(D) January 4

Answer: (D)

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Question4: On the surface of the moon, the:

(A) Mass and weight become lesser

(B) Mass remains constant and only weight is lesser

(C) Only mass is lesser

(D) Mass and weight both remain unchanged

Answer: (B)

Question5: The ratio of a km to mile is?

(A) 1:1.0

(B) 1:1.1

(C) 1:1.4

(D) 1:1.6

Answer: (D)

Question6: In a mortar, the binding material is

(A) cement

(B) sand

(C) surkhi

(D) cinder

Answer: (A)

Check Out Previous Year Papers of All UPSC Exams

Question7: Lacquer paints

(A) are generally applied on structural steel

(B) are less durable as compared to enamel paints

(C) consist of resin and nitro-cellulose

(D) contain alcohol as thinner

(E) all the above.

Answer: (E)

Question8: The difference between simple and compound interests compounded annually on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 4% per annum is Re. 1. The sum (in Rs.) is:

(A) 625

(B) 630

(C) 640

(D) 650

Answer: (A)

Question9: Being busy, I could not attend the function.

(A) simple

(B) negative

(C) complex

(D) compound

Answer: (A)

Question10: Other than Venezuela, which among the following from the South American countries is a member of OPEC?

(A) Argentina

(B) Brazil

(C) Ecuador

(D) Bolivia

Answer: (C)

Get Here Details Of: UPSC Syllabus

Question11: A tide in which the high water is lower and low water is higher than normal is:

(A) spring tide

(B) Neap tide

(C) Moon tide

(D) None of the above

Answer: (B)

Question12: NAMA-11 group of countries frequently appear in the news in the context of affairs of which one of the following?

(A) Nuclear Suppliers Group

(B) World Bank

(C) World Economic Forum

(D) World Trade Organisation

Answer: (D)

Question13: MERCOSUR consists of group of:

(A) Africa

(B) Asia

(C) Latin America

(D) South East Asia

Answer: (C)

Question14: Human eye is sensitive to wavelength in the range of

(A) 250-390 nm

(B) 300-360 nm

(C) 380-800 nm

(D) 790-800 nm

Answer: (C)

Question15: The following has highest energy?

(A) Blue Light

(B) Violet Light

(C) Cyan Light

(D) Green Light

Answer: (B)

Question16: An accurate clock shows 8 o’clock in the morning. Through how may degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 2 o’clock in the afternoon?

(A) 144º

(B) 150º

(C) 168º

(D) 180º

Answer: (D)

Question17: What is the capital of South Sudan?

(A) Khartoum

(B) Juba

(C) Bengui

(D) Omdurman

Answer: (B)

Question18: Two rings of Symbol of Olympic Games are of blue and black colours. What are the colours of other three colours?

(A) Green, Red, Violet

(B) Red, Violet, Green

(C) Green, Pink, Yellow

(D) Green, Yellow, Red

Answer: (D)

Check Out: UPSC Exam Pattern

Question19: The following is not a measure of Human Development Index?

(A) Life expectancy

(B) Sex ratio

(C) Literacy rate

(D) Standard of living

Answer: (B)

Question20: The following is not a natural polymer.

(A) Teflon

(B) Cotton

(C) Silk

(D) Wool

Answer: (A)

Direct Link To Download: Year Wise UPSC Previous Year Question Paper

Years UPSC Previous Year Question Paper
2014 Download Now
2015 Download Now
5 Essential Tips & Tricks To Prepare For UPSC Exam
  • First of all, Candidates need to have good understanding of the UPSC exam structure and without it your preparation will go in the erroneous direction. Download updated UPSC syllabus and Previous Year Question Paper of Geography of UPSC or other question paper of Mains will help you understand the areas from which questions are normally asked.
  • The secondly, paper reading routine is crucially vital, so follow the expert’s advice and start reading the newspapers.
  • All Competitive Examination candidates are well familiar to the value of reading NCERT books, priority should be given to UPSC Enforcement Officer Previous Year Question Paper.
  • College going students and pass outs should come to a decision on the elective subject after analyzing Public Administration Previous Year Question Paper UPSC, syllabus and start collecting appropriate materials on the same. So, candidates should try to finish elective subject first, as this will positively give you an edge.
  • During free time, go through the books related to India written by well-known authors. Reading these books will give you a good understanding of the problems of India.

Want to Know UPSC Registration Details? Check Here

What After UPSC Exam?

After giving UPSC Examination, you required to wait for UPSC Answer Key to match your answers with official answer sheet. Thereafter, commission releases the UPSC Result, so applicants can download your score card easily. If you declare qualify in the Union Public Service Commission Exam (i.e. Prelims, Mains and personality test/interview)), participated contenders will be appointed for available UPSC Recruitment.

As we all know that, Union Public Service Commission organize  UPSC entrance examination for appointing eligible and interested aspirants to the various post available in the different department of government sector. UPSC Recruitment Exams are one of the toughest and most competitive exams in India which conducts yearly, to fulfill the vacant seats available in different department of government sector. Applicants, who’re thinking to apply for UPSC Examinations, they must fulfill the UPSC Eligibility Criteria required by the organization.

What are the Skills Required For UPSC Jobs?

Job seekers, if you’ve the mindset to apply for UPSC 2018 Exam, you also have the following skills as listed below:

  • Civil servants are expected to understand national and international issues, and trends
  • Good communication ability and capability to assess the mood of the people
  • Commitment to the rule of the nation and making sound decisions
  • Also need to have a good understanding of currents of thought, new discoveries, etc.
  • Ability to get orders and maintain the line of command
UPSC Preparation Books

As per current scenario, a growing trend has been noticed in current years that more and more people are choosing for Government Jobs. The motive of opting a government job is that, peoples feel their future secure in Sarkari Jobs. It is the main reason that, it will make Government jobs in India more and more popular, besides the salary factor, there are pension and other benefits also exists. Applicants, you can also start your preparation for exam through below listed books…

Books Name Author Name
Indian Polity 5th Edition M. Laxmikanth
General Studies – 2018 A.P. Singh and B. Singh
UPSC New Syllabus Preliminary and Mains Exam with Quick GK Disha Experts
Current Affairs 2017 for Competitive Exams Disha Experts
23 Years CSAT General Studies IAS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers (1995-2017) Disha Experts
Mission IAS – Prelim/ Main Exam Disha Experts
IAS Mains Chapterwise Solved Papers General Studies Siddharth Mittal
23 Varsh CSAT Samanya Adhyayan IAS Prarambhik Topic-wise Solved Papers (1995-2017) Disha Experts
The Mega Yearbook 2017 – Current Affairs & General Knowledge for Competitive Exams 2nd edition Disha Experts
Compulsory English – Solved Papers 2001-2016 for Civil Services Examination A.P. Bhardwaj
Cracking the Civil Services Examination – The Open Secret Ashok Kumar
General Studies Paper II for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2018 Thorpe Edgar and Showick ,Thorpe

If you want to get a good job with a good income, then your dream will come true very easy. So, we’re advising you that prepare well for any competitive government examination and give their best. Each year, Union Public Service Commission issues many job opportunities in various divisions. After applying to these exams, candidates can start preparation for upcoming exams which is organized for government jobs.

Check Now: UPSC Question Papers

Important Note:

Candidates, UPSC Previous Year Question Paper will surely helpful for preparing well for the upcoming exam. Download Sociology Previous Year Question Paper UPSC, UPSC EPFO Previous Year Question Paper, UPSC APFC Previous Year Solved Question Paper and other previous papers for particular exam through this article. Follow us on social media to get latest updates about Government Jobs In India and UPSC Recruitment Notifications etc on your timeline wall directly.

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