Ways to get good marks in exam Preparation Tips to Score high in Board Exams

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Ways to get good marks in exam Preparation Tips to Score high in Board Exams

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Ways to get good marks in exam, preparation tips for high score in the examination and how to study is defined in our site IndGuru.com with easy & simple tips to crack the test.

Ways to get good marks in exam

Preparation for the exams is not a simple matter; some get good marks without the preparation and someone have to struggle for getting the pass mark. This is completely depending on the persons IQ. If a student with low IQ can has will to Get high marks in exam, he/she will definitely get the good endeavours. In this page we stated the Ways to get good marks in exam and Exam preparation tips for you to easily crack the examination.

how to get high score in exams

After reading this article you’ll never fear for the examination anymore. Most of the students have thought that exams are like monsters and nightmares. Whenever you fully fledge with the total syllabus they are not scary anymore. The only problem is how to study and how to get high score in exams. There is only simple logic in this; if you understand that logic you will beat any examination.  Check over the Preparation tips for exam below which dazzle everyone who read it.

Top 10 Exam Preparation and get good score tips:

  • Know about the Syllabus:
    • Before start you’re Exam Preparation, everyone should know about the syllabus and collect the books related to the subject. Knowing the syllabus is the halfway to the good score.
  • Prepare a Schedule:
    • Make an exam time table and allocate time to the each subject. If possible ask your seniors or teachers to give suggestions in the schedule. While preparing a schedule, make sure to give time for revision.
  • Do home work daily:
    • Your work is not done by preparing a time table. Do work daily. First you have to know about your IQ and concentration skills. if you have low IQ do more revision until you get an idea about that topic. Never forget to continue this process till the exam.
  • Drinking water:
    • Most of the students have the habit of sleeping whenever the book is opened, that is due to the lack of oxygen in the brain and we yawn during the time of reading. To avoid these problems keep a water bottle with you, better to drink more water that leads to good concentration.
  • Memory Techniques:
    • It very useful to remember a tough question without any difficulty. By following this method you will never forget any point in the examination and remember those points easily by logic.
  • Hand writing:
    • It plays an important role in the examination. Candidates with the worst hand writing is always the last preferable. Candidates who didn’t have the exact subject knowledge but have the good handwriting can get the good marks. If you are low at hand writing, you must improve your writing for better results.
  • Never leave any question:
    • Cover almost all questions in the examination; even you didn’t know about the question write the related content to the question.
  • Concentrate during examination:
    • While writing the exam, you have to concentrate on the exam. With the deep concentration you will remember what you read. Due to the lack of concentration we forgot the points in the exam.
  • Check the questions:
    • After the completion of the examination, check the answers clearly and check whether you miss any question or not. Most of the students do mistakes in this method, they write the exam up to the last minute and having no time for the checking the answers. Firstly everyone should follow the time management tips for the exam.
  • Do not think about exam:
    • After you step outside the exam hall don’t think about the exam and do not refer your answers in the book which lead to disappointments. Think happy for the completion of the exam or prepare for another exam.
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By Admin New January 29, 2016 16:24
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