What is Difference between college life and corporate life?

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Difference between college life and corporate life

Have you got placement in MNC Company? You are feeling annoyed with your environment. Here we had given Difference between college life and corporate life and we had given how to switch from college life from corporate life. We will enter into corporate offices with many hopes but after entering for many months we can’t adjust to the environment because they both are not same. There are drastic changes between two. In this article we had been discussed about some differences I observed in my life and faced problems due to that. So I like to share some issues of College life vs corporate life and how to get transition from college to corporate in this article.

College life vs corporate life

Most of the students will enter through campus placements into the companies. After entering into offices, they will feel like hell why because we have a lot of freedom in college, but we don’t have such independence in office. In student life we feel like boss we don’t care anyone but in office we are just employees who have to listen to the boss. I have seen so many members facing these problems due to Difference between college life and corporate life. Even I face the problem I felt they are torturing me so I decided to resign my job but friend had consoled me and said how beautiful corporate life also after that I slowly understand what mistake I have done. After onwards I gradually came to understand the office environment and try to behave according to that situation. After that I don’t feel that much pressure. I can’t promise every office life will heaven but due to making some changes in our behavior we can comfort in our office.

Changes between education life and corporate life

Here I had given Difference between college life and corporate life which we are mainly facing as problems. The major differences between student life and professional life are

  • Attitude: Our attitude plays an important role in every aspect whether it is college or office. Everyone has a unique attitude. Each person will react differently to the same situation that is the attitude. In college, every attitude is acceptable but not in office.
  • Life style: In college days we have our own life style we can dress as we wish. We can maintain any hairstyle but offices this are not allowed
  • Holidays: For college students there is no limit to it. For every occasion, we get a holiday. Not only that we can bunk our classes. We can take as many sick leaves without having sick, but this is not acceptable in offices
  • Stress: we feel a lot of stress in the office, but we don’t feel much stress or pressure in colleges. For students, there will be little stress during exams or practical but remaining days will go pleasantly. In office, it completely contrasts every day we feel stress every minute we feel pressure
  • Freedom: the main thing that we have in college but not in office
  • Losing buddies: So many students will go to college but not to study, to chat with their buddies. The class will go on, and our chats will also go continuously. But in office your best friend is opposite to you also you are not supposed to talk
  • Time maintenance: Especially I faced this problem. I don’t have a habit of attending college punctually. I am always ready to take punishments from our faculty after taking punishment then also I had never attended my college at the time but in the office this is strictly prohibited.
  • Health problems: After entering into offices almost everyone face lot of health problems because due to stress, sitting problems. In college, we don’t have a habit of working continuously. I used to listen to one class, and I will fall sleep for second class. But in office you have to work with your brain continuously

Switch from college life from corporate life

As mentioned there is a lot of Difference between college life and corporate life. I had given some College life vs corporate life. I had observed many Changes between education life and corporate life and made a comparison between college life and professional life. Finally, I have decided to transition from college to corporate. I had given some tips about how to switch from college life from corporate life

  • Attitude: Again attitude? Yes, everywhere if we got friends or enemies that are only due to this attitude. Be good with a positive attitude. Smile at very one wish to everyone, help others, don’t blame, and don’t give complaints. If your thoughts are good, there is no bad person in your surroundings. So be good and sincere
  • Workaholic: Become a workaholic. Then work gives you energy. Feel workplace is like the divine place because it is our bread and butter. Always concentrate on work don’t take care of other things. Work must be your strength
  • Learn new things: Always learn new things which help for your work. Ask your seniors to learn things don’t hesitate to ask any questions
  • Be like a professional: Don’t do the job for 8 hours without any concentration or interest. Feel that is your own work or project which has been invested by you. If you think it is your own work you will do with more dedication
  • Discipline: Maintain discipline in all issues attend office at the exact time. Finish your work in time. Don’t take leave unnecessarily. Don’t discuss during work hours.
  • Thinking: When you are at the office, you should feel like office yours. Don’t do work for a salary. Do for learning new things

I had given some things about Difference between college life and corporate life. I hope you like. If you are also facing same problems, do as I mentioned above. If you like this article follow our site regularly by Ctrl+D for book mark and read other articles.        

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By Admin New October 27, 2015 06:34